Saturday, December 23, 2017

Oreo's birthday hike

I know it has been a VERY long time since I've posted, but I couldn't let Oreo's 11th birthday go by without posting.

Hard to believe he is 11, but then again it seems like he's been in my life forever.

Yesterday, we had a snow day, even though it didn't really snow (the photo above is from a few weeks ago).  Around here, we call that "Ichabod Craning", because there is a school district named Ichabod Crane that closes with just the threat of a flurry.   Rumor has it that once the whole school had to spend the night, because there was a bad storm and the buses couldn't get the kids home.  They never wanted that to happen again, so they close ALL THE TIME.  Ironically, they were open yesterday!

We took advantage of our no snow snow day and went for Oreo's birthday hike.

While I am ever grateful for my job, boy did I need a few hours of forest bathing.  I think Oreo needed it (and the treats ) too!  We had the place all to ourselves - the best gift for a little scaredy boy.

Sorry, we haven't been around much.  But I hope you all know this:

Happy Birthday Oreo!  Happy Winter Solstice to All!