Monday, November 30, 2015

turkey comas

I think the dogs are anxious for me to go back to school so they can get some much needed rest after all the hiking, playing, sunbathing and turkey!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  Chewy and Oreo sure did.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

dogs like leftovers too

Especially when the leftovers were made by their favorite food lady.

Yes, I know, these foods are not really the best for dogs....but hey, they live short lives and Thanksgiving only comes around once a year.

Strangely, they didn't bark their heads off when they were done, demanding their after dinner cookie like they do every other night.

Maybe they were expecting a slice of pie to end up in their bowl too?

More likely, they didn't recognize this as "dinner", and were probably expecting their kibble to show up later!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

magic place

I wanted to get a lot of hiking in with the dogs this Thanksgiving weekend.  Wednesday, thursday, friday....perfect hiking weather!

On Saturday it was raining.

So we went to a magical place called Kinderhook Creek Preserve where, for some reason, it never rains. Every time I go there, it can be raining on our drive there and way home, but never at the preserve.  It must be our reward for having to hike up really, really steep cliffs.  I chose a new path today and it was even steeper.  Luckily I was going up, because the only way down would've been on my butt. Even the dogs struggled.  Don't think I'll ever take that trail again, unless I take some rock climbing lessons.

Despite the pre-winter bleakness, the creek never disappoints.

Chewy is being really careful on this rock, because on a previous trip he ended up taking a swim by mistake.

Here's the rock Mr. Chewy thought he could walk down to get a better sniff at the water:

And one second later, he was a wet dog.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The dogs are unimpressed with our Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year.