Tuesday, January 28, 2014

tricky t-day ~ chin rest

Our trick training group had a one week trick goal - teach your dog to rest their chin on something.

A pretty basic trick, but one I never really taught either dog.  Although, Oreo does know how to rest his chin on the floor when in a down.

Oreo caught on pretty quick.  Chewy didn't really like having his chin in my hand, but he played along when I brought the video camera out.


Monday, January 27, 2014

mishmash monday

This week, my grocery store had a sign up reading "there is currently an organic egg shortage, we are doing everything we can to keep them in stock".   Not sure what is causing the shortage, we're not even close to Easter.  Maybe the chickens think it's simply too cold to lay eggs?

Luckily, one of my co-workers has chickens (wish I did). She brings in the eggs and sells them for $2 a dozen, which I think is a bargain for super fresh, free range eggs.

Sometimes the eggs are so big that the box won't even close all the way.

The eggs aren't squeaky clean on the outside like the ones you get in the store, which makes them highly intriguing to the dogs!  Investigations must take place, especially the rogue green egg.
I like to hard boil a few and add some to their dinner. They love it! What surprises do you add to your dog's bowl?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

tricky t-day ~ clean up

My spoiled rotten dogs need to start helping out around the house.

Decided to teach them to pick up their toys (OK, Oreo already knew this trick, but needed a refresher).

Once you teach a dog to pick something up and put it in something else (like ball in basketball hoop), there are so many variations!

Here are my silly dogs:


We are getting so close to having a trick mastered that I've been working on for years!  I really hope we get it soon, so I can show you.  Not sure why it has been so difficult, but I recently switched up the way I was shaping it, and something seemed to click (no pun intended) with both dogs.

Monday, January 20, 2014

mishmash monday

The meteorologists were predicting snow 'showers' on Saturday.  That usually means no big deal kinda snow, nuisance stuff.

So, after consulting the doppler and hourly forecast, I left for agility in a white out, assuming it would stop snowing by the time class was over and I had to drive back down the mountain home.

Well....it kept snowing for six hours!  Wasn't a fun ride home. I drove off the road once, because I couldn't tell where the road was!  Pretty much everything was white.  Then, when I tried to get back on the road, I swerved left, slid right, slid left again, and then we finally straightened back up.  Love my snow tires, they never let me down.  Pretty sure we made some really cool "s" marks in the road too.

Despite the subaru commercial drive home, I'm glad I went, because Chewy had a good time.  Our teacher had us working on a lot of left turns, which is really, really hard for him, since he is a compulsive spinner to the right.  He really had to work against his natural instincts.

We also did the chute for the first time in at least a year. I wasn't sure what he was going to do.  He was a bit unsure the first time, but then seemed to get all excited about going in it the next time.  He charged through it the rest of class. Very cute.

Turned on the news that night, and the weather guy was still calling it snow 'showers', even though we now had a good 3-4 inches on the ground.

In November, they would've had us all running to the store for bread and milk!  Funny how our perspective changes.  I think they just couldn't admit they were wrong.  Really wrong.

Anyhoo,  the snow is of the light and fluffy variety, making everything look pretty again.

Just the right amount for playing, and taking some not so good photos!

Some did come out, but I think I'll share them later.

For now....can you spot the cardinal?

How 'bout now?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

for Honey

Our dear friend Honey the Great Dane crossed the bridge this week.

Her sweet goofy soul will be missed.

In Honey's honor, we are replaying our entry to Honey's "Dancing with the Doggy Stars".

dancing with the doggie stars from Sara on Vimeo.

Honey, I hope you're finding lots of big sticks in the ocean to play with.

Monday, January 13, 2014

polar opposites

Hate to use the word "polar" after last week....but look at the place Chewy prefers to lay his head:

compared to Oreo:

Polar opposites, huh?

It was a miserable day here on Saturday.  Melting snow, torrential downpours and the yard was an ice rink most of the day. Not good weather to be out with the dogs, even though it was warm.   Luckily we had an indoor agility class that afternoon.

We did some really hard courses, and Chewy was amazing!   Was so proud of him.   He's reading rear crosses, front crosses, getting HARD weave entries, and charging into tunnels.   I think I'm finally figuring out how to run him too.  I now know when I have to stop my motion to prevent him from going off course.  That has been a huge step for me.  I can't tell you how GOOD he is at class too.  He never barks (even when all the other dogs are barking their heads off), he goes right in his crate when I ask him too, and patiently waits his turn.  I take no credit for this behavior, it's simply his way.  I'm really lucky.

Oreo & Chewy came home ready to go right to sleep.  So glad I decided to go, despite the treacherous weather.

Sunday was much better, and we had our grassy yard back.  No snow, just a couple ice piles.  The dogs were ready to RUN!   We took a nice long walk in the woods, where lots and lots of various types of poop was found now that the snow had melted.  More playtime. Then, sleep.....

Boy, this weekend went by quick.  So unfair.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tricky t-day ~ hoops

I've been working on teaching Chewy to shoot a basket for over a month.

I started by having him pick up a ball, and drop it in a bucket.  Took awhile for it to "click" with him.

Finally, he "got it", and I brought out the hoop.  This video is only his second time with the hoop, and first time with the backboard.

Unfortunately, we are using a softball, instead of a basketball.  I've been looking everywhere for the right sized basketball, but never found one.


hoops from Sara on Vimeo.

Now that he knows this, we can start working on 'put your toys in the toy box'.  About time for him to start earning his keep!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

snow & sunshine!

Beautiful winter day today!

Sunshine, blue sky, balmy temps (38!), and happy, boot-free dogs.

We made good use of all the paths I shoveled.   Jeff changed out the battery in my car, shoveled the snow off the gutters, and started up his motorcycles.  Vroom, vroom....

Perfect day before I have to head back to work tomorrow, after a two week break.  I feel as though I haven't seen my students in FOREVER!    I hope I left my desk nice and tidy.

Friday, January 3, 2014

winter wonderland

Well, not up over their heads, but enough snow to make everything white again.

Unfortunately, since it's so cold, the snow is too fluffy to make a snowman.

We had clear skies and sunshine on Friday.
Really Oreo?  Sunbathing in ten degree weather?
Chewy used his outdoor time to go 'xploring.

And every bird in the neighborhood stopped by for a snack today.  I put out extra feeders to make sure there was enough for everyone.

Looking forward to warmer temps tomorrow - might hit 20, whoohoo!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

pups in boots

'Hercules' is "bearing down" right now.

We got a quick 5 inches this morning.  The next round, expected this afternoon, is supposed to bring a lot more (up to 18 inches total).

It'll  up to the dogs' heads by tomorrow. So, I bundled myself and the dogs up to play outside while we can.

Neither was happy about wearing boots, but with the frigid temps, we had to put up with them.

Surprisingly, the coat seemed to bother Chewy more than his boots today.

After about ten minutes, Chewy forgot he was wearing his coat and was able to play and bark at the shovel like normal.
After coming inside, I decided to turn the oven on to help warm us up and bake the dogs some peanut butter cookies!  
Stay warm everybody.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Ready for 2014!

Are you?
Yea, I know, I also look ready to rob a bank!  Hope I didn't scare anyone.

Wishing everyone the best of health, good times, and less stress in the New Year!  
Oreo and Chewy wish all their canine blog friends a year of fresh juicy meat, cool weather and pungent smells.