Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry christmas

We hope all of our friends and family had a wonderful Christmas.  

The dogs enjoyed Christmas Eve.  Oreo even decided that it was ok to cuddle up to his grandpa. Only took him 8 years of positive interactions to take that step!

 I think he was craving some male bonding time, since Jeff hasn't been able to hold him in a week due to his hernia surgery.

Chewy played sentry, and made sure the food was safe and sound.
"I could keep a better eye on it if it were in my belly!"

"I'm cute!  Please feed me!"

"I really hope that tray of kielbasa is for ME!"

"I will stare at you until you feed me."

Our snow all melted over night, and we woke up to fifty degree temps.  So weird.

We went for a walk in the park, and then played with their new toys in the yard.  Oreo was so happy to have his grassy (muddy) yard back.  Although one pile of snow refused to melt, so free snow cones were still available!  Perfect treat for Christmas.

dog treats centerpiece

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Oreo!

Oreo is 8 today!

I didn't make a cool birthday compilation this year (or last year either!).  

Instead, I thought I'd share one of my favorite videos of Oreo just being Oreo.

snowbank diving from Sara on Vimeo.

Oreo may be a quirky, freaky boy, but he's super smart, super cute, and a super cuddler.  I love him, and feel so lucky that I'm one of the very, very few people in the world that he trusts.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

tricky t-day ~ yoga

I had an unexpected snowday today.

After I baked some Christmas cookies, played in the snow and wrapped some presents, I got around to shooting a trick video that I've had in the works for awhile.

The dogs spend a lot of time watching me do yoga.  They wanted to get in on the fun too.  These are actually some of our old tricks reworked to make it 'yoga'.

I hope you enjoy it.  Namaste.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

winter walk

We had a bit of a thaw today, and the snow had settled down a bit so walking in it was manageable.

Ventured out to the park, to walk off some Thanksgiving leftovers, and it sure does look different there with all the white stuff.

There were lots of footprints, pawprints, and even some cross country ski tracks.
But we didn't run into anyone while we walked our two and a half miles.

Back to school tomorrow.  But only three full weeks and two days until Christmas break!  

Oreo has his paws crossed for a snow day before then!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

The boys are thankful for some a fresh foot of snow!  Me...well, I'm thankful for snow plows and snow blowers....

Seriously though, we are truly thankful for all of our wonderful friends and family who stop by our blog.  You are always so loving and supportive.  Every comment you leave is like getting a big hug.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

wrapped up

Chewy did this all by himself ~ on purpose!


I guess this is what happens when you teach your dogs to roll themselves up in blankets?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

brainy joe

Every year, from September thru November, I have this hanging on my bulletin board:

I put it there in a lame attempt to inspire my kids to work hard to get their name up in 'lights' and earn a free ticket to the movies (two tickets if they make high honor roll).

With report card day coming up, some of my students started taking notice.

Here is how it went:

Student A: "Who's Joe Shmoe?"

Me: "It's Joe Shmoe from Idaho."

Student B: "Oh yea, isn't he the fat white guy on youtube who tries to rap?"

Me: "Uhhh..."

Student A: "Wait! He doesn't go to school here?"

Me: "It's Joe Shmoe from Idaho."

Student C: "Isn't he the flat footed kid that runs track?"

Student A:"So, he does go to school here.  I thought he was from Idaho."

Me: "He moved."

Student D: "I know him.  I think he's the Joe in my science class."

Student A: "How long has he come to school here?"

Me:" He's been here forever."

Student B: "So that fat white wannabe rapper must have a similar name."

Me:"I wouldn't know.  Do you want me to google him?"

Student A:"Is he always on the honor roll?"

Me: "Yup."

Student B:"I think I know who he is now."

Student C;"Me too.  He was in one of my classes. He's pretty smart."

At this point, I am laughing so hard tears are coming down my face.  Another teacher in the room and one of my seniors are hysterical too.

The best part....I think all of these kids are going to make the honor roll themselves tomorrow!  Usually, I take down Joe Shmoe's card once I get real people, but this time, I think he's staying.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

rough weekend

Spent a lot of time outside this weekend, which resulted in one very tired dog.

He's even goofy when he sleeps.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

flying needles

Oreo has been suffering with allergies this Fall, and I've been bringing him to his acupuncturist for some relief.

She's moved from a very busy vet office to a private office in a house, which is much better for Oreo,

Oreo has made himself at home!  Jumping on the furniture to look out the window.

He used to be very timid at his appointments,and would hide behind me on a leather bench.

Not here.

After the doctor put all his needles in, he decided to stroll around the room and give himself a good shake.   This caused half his needles to fly around the room.  Luckily, none of us got one stuck in our eye.

The doctor had to put in new needles.

After round 2, Oreo walked right up to the doctor, and showed her how he can take the needles out with his teeth.

Mr. Smarty Pants.

I told oreo he better behave, because the vet was typing up all this in his file, and it was going on his permanent record.

Then, Oreo pranced away, finally laid down, got in the acupuncture zone, looking all dreamy eyed, and nodded off for the next twenty minutes. He must've remembered....oh yea, this stuff makes me feel good.

He's such a goof.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

eyeball popsicle

Tried to get some hammock time in this Saturday, in between the rain showers.

Chewy joined me on the hammock, but kept lying down/standing up.  He said, "This bed is too hard."  He just couldn't get comfortable.

Finally, he noticed the pillow my head was on.  He worked his way up to the top of the hammock, which is not an easy balancing move (he has some really good core strength!), and plopped himself on the pillow, wrapped around my head.

Then, licked my eyeball like a popsicle.

Unfortunately, all this fun ended too soon, as the rain started up again.  We'll try again next weekend.

"I hope next week's popsicle flavor is beef!"

Sunday, October 12, 2014

same park, new look

It's been a beautiful fall weekend.

Everytime we go to the park, it looks different, because some leaves have fallen and new leaves are starting to turn.

Unfortunately, the ticks are out in full force now, searching out warm bodies to cling too. Not fun. Even though I love this gorgeous fall weather, the ticks make me hope for a good solid freeze.

Just when I finally got Chewy to stop and drink water from the creek to.

And here he is on "his" rock. He heads there every time!