Wednesday, September 26, 2012

major discovery!

Last night, I was thoroughly engrossed in an episode of Real Housewives of somewhere or other, when Jeff came in the room holding two pieces of metal.

I knew I better hit "pause".  There was a story brewing.

"I just rubbed these two pieces of metal together and made FIRE!"  he exclaimed, as though he has discovered the cure for cancer.

"Yeaaaaah.  Doesn't most metal spark when you rub it together?" my non-impressed self asks.

"It was FIRE!  Not sparks."

Uh huh.  "So all this time, you've been in the garage, playing with fire?"

Ignoring my question, "You don't think this is cool? I made FIRE with these two little things."

Apparently, I would need further information in order to gain some enthusiasm for this life changing discovery.

He holds up the larger piece and explains, "This piece isn't any metal, it's magnesium.  I rubbed it until it started to flake off, then I made FIRE."

Uh huh.

"Don't you get it?  This is how man discovered fire!  He rubbed two rocks together, but one had magnesium. That's why it lit."

OK folks. There you have it.  My husband will now be noted in historical texts as figuring out the age old mystery of the origin of fire.  Next the wheel was invented.

"Everyone should have this around.  It's a great survival tool."

Hmmm, and what is wrong with the little lighter gadget I have in the kitchen drawer? You know, the one where you press a button, and voila!  FIRE!

Oh no.  This is better.

"What if you need to light a stove?  What if your car dies in the middle of the winter? How will you keep warm?"  as he holds up his miracle magnesium.

I was beginning to feel as though I was watching an infomercial.  The hard sell was kicking into high gear, but I wasn't buying.

"And what exactly am I supposed to set on fire?  My car?"

Noted historian answers, "Your clothes."

Typical male, wants me to shed my clothing, even though it's winter and I'm freezing to death.  BUT, my life will be spared thanks to my flaming underwear lit by his miracle magnesium.

And that is when I pretty much lost it.

Where does one get this magnificent lifesaving tool?

"Harbor Freight, $2.  I couldn't pass it up."

Monday, September 24, 2012

mishmash monday

Woke up the other day, and all the grass between the stones in our front path had been clawed up.  Pretty sure it was a woodchuck.
Can you spot him?

Jeff spent hours removing the mess.  Then, we planted very expensive grass seed, the kind "guaranteed to grow".  It is mixed with fertilizer/mulch, which I must have breathed in, because I was blowing red powder out my nose for the next three days.

The noxious seed lasted one day, then was diverted elsewhere by a heavy downpour.  $30 washed away.

I planted some cheap grass seed, the fast growing kind, and then these guys came along:

I give up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

brave boy

It's been a long time since I wrote about Oreo's fears.

I've been working real hard at avoiding stressors, to reduce his overall stress factor.

Honestly, I haven't seen much improvement in his fears, but he hasn't been getting worse either.

Oreo hasn't done any "public" agility, trials or classes, in about a year.  I've toyed with the idea of entering him in adpt rally trials, since I hear they are very accommodating with dogs like Oreo (plus treats are allowed in the ring).  However, I backed out each time.  I didn't want to go, worrying that Oreo could end up in a bad state of mind.

My motto has been, "If Oreo had a choice, would he choose to do this?"

If his answer would be "no", then, I opted out.

Yesterday, at Chewy's agility class, Oreo opted, on his own, to leave the car. I put him in his playpen with some food, while I went out to the course with Chewy.

After a few runs with Chewy, Oreo started barking!

OK, many people might be annoyed that their dog was barking in their crate, but not me!

Not when the voice was Oreo's.

That was a good sign.

The barking continued.

I asked my teacher if I could bring Oreo out to do some agility.  Of course, she said yes, kindly left the ring, and kept really, really quiet.

Oreo gave me lovely attention all the way from the crate to the ring.  He even offered a "line up" on the start line.  He did one long turn of his head to check out his surroundings, but then did the whole course beautifully.


I, of course, had walked the course with Chewy in mind, which threw both of us off a bit.  I planned rear crosses for Chewy, where Oreo would need front crosses.  But, we muddled our way around, and really, it wasn't about the course.  It was about the fact that he chose to do it (although, maybe the meatballs helped a bit).

After class, I put both dogs in the car.  I was feeding Oreo some treats thru the window, when my teacher walked up to the car. Normally, Oreo would have immediately jumped to another seat to get away, but this time, he stayed where he was, showing no signs of fear, and continued to eat.

Boy, what a great drive home we had.  Such a brave, brave boy.

Monday, September 17, 2012

big black dog

Yesterday morning, Jeff said, "What's that dog doing in our yard?"

I looked out and saw a big, black dog standing on our front lawn. I thought it was a nearby neighbor's dog. Jeff went outside and the dog took off.  Didn't give it much thought. I figured the dog would find his way home.

Many hours later, Chewy was barking his head off.  Chewy only barks like that when there is something major going on, like a deer walking around.

Chewy wouldn't stop barking, and I had to go investigate.

It was the big black dog again.  I got the dogs in the house and sent Jeff outside with some treats.  The dog was wearing a collar.  I figured if we could grab him, we could call the owner.

No luck.  The dog was very skittish.  Plus, every time my dogs barked, he ran away.

I decided to call the dog warden who told me, "I think I know who the owner is, let me call him."

A minute later, I get a call from a man looking for his dog.  I described the dog, and I could hear the elation in his voice.  He told someone, "They've got him!"

Uh, not really dude.

He said, "I'll be there in 2 minutes!"

Jeff met him outside, and they came up with a plan to search the woods.  Then, Jeff heard something behind him.

Jeff whispers, "He's right behind me."


Jeff, "The dog."

Man, "My dog?"

Jeff, "I don't know.  Call him."

Yes, it was obviously his dog.  The owner pulled the dog over our fence, and the dog immediately leaped all over him. It was adorable. Poor thing had been missing more than 24 hours.

After a stop at my birdbath for a drink, the happy couple were on their way.  The man said, "If you ever want to come over and visit my dog you are more than welcome!"

Yeah, ok.

Clearly, the man loves his dog so much, he thinks perfect strangers would want to hang out with the dog!  Too funny.

I gave Chewy some extra treats for his help in the whole situation.
It was a good day.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Oreo is such a goofball.  Whenever he gets near my car, he circles and circles until I open the door, then he jumps right in. Even if I'm not going anywhere!

Jeff opened his truck door the other day to grab something, and Oreo leaped inside (which is pretty darn high).

Today, I parked my car in the garage because of the storms.  Oreo circled and circled, and finally I let him in.

He's been "playing" in the car for 20 minutes now.  Refuses to come out.

I really don't get it.  Whenever we go anywhere in the car, he hates to get out!  Maybe he likes the ride?  Should I drive him around the block, like when you try and get a baby to fall asleep?

Monday, September 3, 2012

mishmash monday

Back to reality for me tomorrow!  Do you think I can get away with bringing my hammock to school?

I'm sure gonna miss doing nothing all day.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September???? No!







OK, there really isn't much change from June - September.  Maybe we'll have some color for October.

I'm already thinking ahead to next year's series.  Something that shows more change ~ like the creek.  Surely the water levels change from month to month?   I know they do from year to year!  Last year, thanks to Hurricane Irene, the creek was up to the top of our bridge.  This year, there is barely an inch or two of water flowing. What a difference a year makes.