Wednesday, August 31, 2011

our little house

Good bye to our great little house.  We've loved you, nutured you, molded you, and redefined you, now it is time to let you go.   What started out as a quiet little house in the woods, gradually changed, as trees were chopped down for new houses, driveways, playhouses and basketball courts.  It left us wondering...what tree will be chopped down next?

Reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books...."The Little House". The book starts out "Once upon a time there was a Little House way out in the country. She was a pretty Little House and she was strong and well built.In the story, the cute little house in the country, ended up with a city being built around it.  This made the house very sad.  Then one day, the house was put on a trailer and moved out to the country.  There, the house's smile came back.

Tomorrow, after all our stuff is moved in, we will be smiling.  I guess I've been dreaming of this little house in the country since I was little.

Well, dreams can come true.
Too bad we couldn't put our little house on a trailer and move her to our new location. Sure would involve a lot less painting!

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tricky t-day ~ crate up your brother

Our first offical Oreo & Chewy, double dog trick!

Went to do our final walk thru yesterday. Good thing they call it a "walk thru" not a "drive thru", because there was no driving up to our new house. Thanks to Irene (you know, that once in a hundred years hurricane), the bridge to our driveway had washed out!

I was feeling really sick about it, wondering if this was a deal breaker.  If we closed on the house, would our movers agree to walk all our stuff all the way UP our driveway?  Probably not.

But then we decided to cross the creek and walk up to the house. The minute I got in view of our new property, I calmed. I really, really love this house. No matter what the raging waters were doing down below, it was so quiet and peaceful and dry at the house.

By the time we returned to the bridge, neighbors had already begun repairs! Not the way we anticipated meeting our new neighbors, but it is nice to know that they all help each other out in a crisis.
temporary fix

I will literally be off line on Thursday and Friday (due to the cable company), but will try and stay connected with my phone.

Monday, August 29, 2011

misty monday~run free

One of my all time favorite photos. I think both dogs look so beautiful, enjoying their newly fenced in yard. Look at Misty's pretty coat! Stunning.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Blech. It has been down pouring for hours! Dogs are bored, and don't want to go outside to pee. Yard is flooded. Creek behind my house is ridiculously high and fast.

So far, no major wind, and we still have power. Hoping it pulls out soon, and all our trees stay standing! I guess flooding is the main issue in our area.

The rest of the week is supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny! Perfect moving weather.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

my tween

Chewy simply cracks me up at all times. His self absorption is hysterical to me. His dog age must equate to 11-13 year old humans. He is sooooooo middle school.

Look at that attitude! He's so bold.

We FINALLY have a closing scheduled for Monday and movers ready for next Thursday! Hopefully Hurricane Irene doesn't throw yet another wrench into this ridiculous process. I am completely out of patience and want to get mostly unpacked & somewhat settled before I have to go back to school.

Tomorrow, I meet with a couple who applied to rent our current house. Our realtor says they are great. Fingers crossed that I like them!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tricky t-day~pee trick

Our closing date has been annoyingly delayed, so you get a tricky t-day! However, no bells and whistles as usual.

Silvia warned me to teach the "pee trick" before Chewy was lifting both hind legs exclusively. So, I put the box off to the side, and Chewy learned this trick in seconds. I decided to teach it to Oreo as well. Going to try and add duration now, as well as work the opposite leg.

At one point, my clicks seem really late in this video. Pretty sure something went wacky with the video editing. I hope my reflexes aren't that slow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

misty monday ~Misty's tricks

Here is sweet Misty crossing her paws and learning the elephant trick.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Oreo knows

I decided to make a list of all the tricks Oreo knows, because sometimes I forget what I've already taught him.  Luckily, I've documented his entire life on youtube! 

My list ended at trick #52.  Although, some tricks are spin right/spin left could be two separate tricks, but I counted them as one.  Also, none of our agility or rally "tricks" were included, and I left out "sit", "down" and "stay", because I don't consider them tricks, more mainstays.

Now that I have a list, we can review stuff, and also start teaching Chewy some as well.

This also made me realize that Oreo has a HUGE vocabulary!  All those tricks, plus cookie, dinner, treat, outside, potty, pee, poop, bed, ball, go get it, breakfast, cheerioes, snacktime!, Daddy, look at that, with me, mat, etc.
He's a pretty special dog.  Now if only I could teach him not to worry so much.

Here is our list, if anyone wants to look at it!

7 links

Kristine over at Rescued Insanity challenged me with this task, come up with 7 links to past posts to meet the criteria found below.

OMG, I have almost 1200 posts!  How to narrow it down? 

I tried my best.

1.  My most beautiful post My Good Girl, which describes my sweet girl Misty. Loved that dog, and know I will never have another dog as wonderful as her.

2.  My Most popular post:  Luckily, blogger did the math for me! I went to blogger stats and found that my post with the most hits ever is My dog can't jump, 622 hits.  Apparently, a lot of people google dogs who can't jump.

3.  My Most Controversial:  Deep South Part One - Army Wife

Yes, I was a bad army wife, with a horrible attitude. 

This post was written tongue in cheek and apparently a lot of people either lack a sense of humor or don't understand sarcasm.

I didn't  mean to bash the army, as I have the utmost respect for our service people and their families. It is a very difficult lifestyle, one that I was unable to endure.  I thought I was somewhat self deprecating in this piece.

Others did not.

I've gotten a lot of "hate" comments from "happy" army wives as a result.  I deleted them.  They were really mean comments for such happy people.

4.  My most helpful: Rocks falling from the sky  Lesson taught...don't leave treat bag on roof of car on your way to agility class.

5.  A post whose success surprised me: Sink Hole sagas  Yes, a lot of people google sink holes as well! I've had almost 400 hits on that post.  Makes me feel like some sort of sinkhole expert. 

6.  Post that didn't get the attention it deserved:Mole patrol Funny, classic story.

7.  Post that I am most proud of: This was the hardest one for me!  My dogs provide moments of pride all the time.  I opted for "Few Words", which shows Oreo's success in last year's DOCNA nationals.  I'm proud of my dogs a lot, but that day was huge.

Now, I'm supposed to pass this task on.  I'm not naming names, but I think some of you might enjoy the task.

OK?  You're IT!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tricky t-day ~ back feet up

Chewy has seemed to go from a puppy to a dog overnight (looks wise anyway).  I hardly recognize him sometimes!  He'll be 6 months old tomorrow and he's10 pounds.  Not sure what that means for his adult size, since I packed Oreo's puppy book.

Anyhoo....onto tricks.

Part of Silvia's class is teaching the pups the beginning steps of a handstand.  Right now, I'm clicking for using alternating feet to back up on an object.  I was so glad I videoed this training session, because I notices that Chewy likes to lift his right leg first more often than his left.  We'll have to work harder on the other leg.  Ideally, both legs should be lifting at the same time, and you'll see that happen twice (very exciting for me, because I've been struggling to get Oreo to do the same).  That's why you don't want the dog lifting the same leg all the time, because they won't understand it is a two legged operation.

This may be our last tricky t-day for awhile.  It's time to pack up the tripod, and I'm not sure when it will resurface!  Not to worry, we will still be training, and hopefully will have something exciting to show when we are finally settled.

Monday, August 15, 2011

misty monday ~just ducky

This video is quintessential Misty.  Oh, I miss her sweetness and calm, gentle manner.

Friday, August 12, 2011

chewy and his new friend

Chewy fell in love with my nephew this morning.

Chewy also got to compete in a very creative form of the olympic games with my cousins. I thought the 'drinking water from a bowl' was the best event. Unfortunately, Chewy lost that round. Yes, the kids drank water from a bowl without using their hands!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tricky t-day ~ shut cabinets

One thing we are working on in our distance puppy class is shutting cabinets.  This is supposed to help teach the puppy that they can control the movement of something, and prepare them for the teeter bang sound in agility.

Chewy LOVES cabinets.  They become his playground when I'm making his meal.  He throws his body against them, climbs in them, takes stuff out of them, etc.

I thought this would be an easy trick for him, but he gets startled by the "bang".  Therefore, I've been jackpotting him every time the door slams.

Mid video, you'll see me switch from our kitchen to bathroom cabinet, as it is a bit quieter. Chewy wasn't startled by it at all. Maybe part of the problem is that our kitchen cabinets are virtually empty (due to moving), and the noise echoes a bit.

I hope to do one more tricky t-day next week before we move!  Then we'll have some new cabinets to try out!

Monday, August 8, 2011

misty monday ~pott's point

And the last installment in our Maine series.....

Here we are at Pott's Point at the tip of the Harpswell pennisula.  Misty loved all the fishy smells.

Misty's space suit was as shiny as the shells we had to walk on.

I remember being worried about Misty adjusting the first time we brought her on vacation.  I had no reason to worry.  She adjusted just fine, and I'd say she enjoyed herself.

Friday, August 5, 2011

digging a hole to...

"Maybe if I dig a big enough hole under this fence, I can escape to our new house! I wanna move outta this place now!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

tricky t-day~perch work

We have been working thru Silvia Trkman's heeling steps for weeks.  I've been really taking my time with this, because I want Chewy to learn it without much help from me.  I know this skill is going to come in handy for so many things.  I use it with Oreo all the time, especially in rally.

Chewy finally got independent full turns in both directions last week.  This week I added myself into the equation.

For the longest time, he only wanted to spin counterclockwise.  Then, I really started focusing on clockwise, and for awhile he would rarely go counterclockwise.  Crazy.

Now, I think he finally understands that both ways are rewarding.  I started adding the command "heel" and "side".

The next step will be changing the object he's standing on, and eventually moving to standing on a piece of paper.

Chewy is really good at tricks that involve motion, but I am having a difficult time teaching him tricks where he has to stay still, like cross paws.  He crosses paws for a split second and then wants to do something else.  He'll start offering me different tricks instead, because cross paws is sooooooo boring. Maybe with maturity he'll be more willing to do those kind of tricks.

Regardless, Chewy is a blast to train.  His enthusiasm is such a day brightener.

Monday, August 1, 2011

misty monday ~giant stairs

While in Maine, we took the dogs to the "Giant Stair Walk" on Bailey's Island. A short, but spectacular walk! Of course, everything in Maine is pretty darn spectacular. And lobster is bright red, fresh, sweet as candy and CHEAP!

Here is what the actual stairs looked like:

 Obviously, I didn't walk my dogs down the stairs.

However, my crazy husband climbed out on a ledge to get a better look.