Sunday, December 25, 2016

peace to all

Whether you are celebrating a holiday today or not, we wish you a peaceful day.  Hopefully a day that includes lots of time with puppies!

Friday, December 23, 2016

the big 10!

Oreo turned 10 today!

To celebrate, he got to go hiking on a new to us trail in a forest.  There was a surprising amount of snow there, and no human foot prints to follow.  In fact, we had to park in a snowbank, because no cars or plows had been there either.

Perfect for my scaredy boy.  Solitude, so he could relax and sniff without worrying.

 Luckily, the trail was well marked and I brought a trail map.

I seriously thought it would be crowded, or at least we would see signs of previous hikers.  Silly me.

We definitely weren't alone though!

We are lucky to live close to these beautiful woods.  Looking forward to coming back to this preserve in the spring, summer and fall to see how it evolves.  But for now, we'll enjoy the gorgeous solitude & quiet that comes with the white stuff.

I hope you enjoyed our hike as much as the birthday boy!
"birthday treats please!"