Tuesday, August 30, 2016

two little helpers

I bake quite a bit. Usually that means nap time for the dogs.

Somehow, they know when I'm baking for THEM, and I end up with two little helpers at my side.

First, they make sure I mix it up right.
"I sure hope she didn't forget to add the honey, I've got a sweet tooth."

Then, they do the smell test before putting them in the magic bake oven.

Oreo says, "Chewy it's a SMELL test, not a lick the pan test!"

Then, they help me clean up while baking.

Here's the pre rinse.
"I'm more environmentally friendly than cascade."

"No need to add any rinse aid."

And then the wash.

"We make sure there's no leftover stuck on food."

Finally, the best part....the taste test!
"I get mine delivered right to my bed.  Room service!"

"oops, was that the cookie or your finger?"

"More please!"

Monday, August 1, 2016

dog days

Is it officially the dog days of summer?  I think all the days are dog days around here.

Look, I bathed and brushed my dogs!  This is what they would look like if they were actually groomed on a regular basis.

Here is what they look like when they're not posing for a photo.

this is MY tunnel Chewy!

don't even think about coming in here
just kiddng! (kinda)
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as Oreo & Chewy.