Friday, April 29, 2016

spring break

I'm wrapping up my spring break, and have been bringing the dogs someplace different each day to go hiking.

Today, we returned to one of my favorite trails, you've seen it before.  The one with lots of boardwalks and planks.  Last time, it was covered in snow.

Sadly the beaver dam remains, flooding one of the longest boardwalks. We still found plenty of other ones though.

 This is my favorite part of the trail.  There is moss all over the ground, so even though the trees haven't leafed out, everything looks lush here.
This is obviously the part of the forest where the fairies live.
 We came upon this new dwelling...just the right size for a sheltie!
Then we came upon the swamp, where the beaver lives.
This is the trickiest place to walk.  There is a narrow strip of land between two bodies of water.  Then more planks to walk.

I'm happy to report that both dogs made it across those boards safely and independently!   Forest agility course!

Here is a little creek that feeds into the swamp.

 I think we walked about 3 miles in all.  It was perfect weather for hiking, not too hot, not to cold.

Here is a little be more about the Rensselaer Plateau.  I'm lucky  to live at the base of the plateau. People who live at the top see a lot more snow than we do, and have a really tough commute down off the mountain.  The roads are very steep and twisty.  Don't know how they do it in the winter months.

A few of our students will have summer jobs here!  How lucky are they?
Thanks for hiking with us!  Now, we're hitting the hammock for a nap.  Gotta rest up for the final stretch of school.


Bailey said...

What a beautiful spot for an outing.

Diana said...

Does the park service put out all the boards? It was 90 degrees here.

Sara said...

There are some people who seem to take care of the park, so they must put the boards out. I never actually see anyone though, so maybe it's a large crew of fairies?

Robert Harrison said...

It looks very nice and peaceful and I think your dogs are very well behaved posing for pictures as they do.

Caren Gittleman said...

I just LOVE these photos!!! What a lovely place to hike and the boys look great! That little teepee is so cute! DakotasDen

Priscilla Phang said...

Lucky boys! What a lovely spot for walkies! We always wish we could find a place that dogs are allowed to walk around here so we can have more outings with our princess.

betty said...

Thanks for walk through this wonderland. We have menehune in Hawaii who do wonderful and some time mischievous things in the forest. It is amazing how quickly your fairies got everything ready for the good weather even after that big spring snowstorm. Oreo and Chewy seem to be smiling broadly. Their paws love snow, and moss and boards. What a joy.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Forrest agility course - must be a new sport. LOL. Glad you enjoyed spring break.