Sunday, February 14, 2016

Three Days of Quotes - day 2

Can I make up my own quotes for this challenge?  Not sure if that's allowed in the rules, but that's what I'm going to do!

Continuing on with my teacher theme.......

I'm hoping to get a student teacher next Fall.  I can always use help, and it's nice to have some youth in the room!

I was thinking...... what words of wisdom from my decades of experience could I give to a newbie?

What would my inspirational quote be?

What I really want to say is, "Why are you going into teaching?  Are you crazy?  Do you realize 50% of your yearly evaluation will be based on your students' test scores, and a first year teacher will get the toughest students?  Hope you have a plan B!"

OK, I guess that wouldn't be very inspiring.

These seem to be my most common quotes in the classroom:

"Play fighting leads to real fighting."

"Less talking, more writing."

"Can you wait five minutes to go to the bathroom/water fountain/locker/office/cafeteria?"

"Don't let other people ruin your day."

"Don't bring ice cream in my room.  We have mice." 

"That's your phone, THIS is your calculator.  Just in case you were confused." 

Hmmm....again, not very inspiring.

One teacher gave me advice that I have heeded, "Don't go in the faculty room.  The minute you leave they will be talking about you non stop."  I would suggest that as well.

I guess I would tell him/her:
"Pick your battles.  Most aren't worth fighting."
"Laugh a lot.  Kids are funny!"
"Use their slang words.  They will roll their eyes, but at least they're paying attention."
"If you get called a "gangsta" or a "pimp", take it as a compliment." 
"Most days are going to be really hard and exhausting, but every once in awhile you will see the impact you've had and it will be the best feeling on earth."

And that feeling will have nothing to do with a test score.

Ok.  I think I exceeded my quote limit.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have to do some sort of dog related quote!


Collie222 said...

Your shelties are so pretty. Do you show them?

Sara said...

Thanks. No, I don't show them.

Dawn said...

Sara, you are an amazing teacher. I bet there are a whole lot of kids that think of you as a turning point in their lives.

Helen said...

You get called a pimp? Do you teach in New York City? Usually some of he best quotes are common sense, but then as the saying goes that isn't so common.

Sara said...

Not NYC, but a smallish inner city school. I've been called a pimp and a gangsta, and both were meant as compliments.

Caren Gittleman said...

keep going!! These are FABULOUS! I knew you would ROCK this!!!!