Wednesday, February 10, 2016

fluffy snow

Finally got a few inches of some good snow.  The fluffy variety!

All the school's around us got a two hour delay (not really sure why), but my school had us come in on time.  School is closed next week for winter break, so no chance of a snow day then.  Oh well, maybe in March we'll get a couple storms.  If we don't use our snow days we lose them, and I really don't want that to happen!

Chewy wasn't complaining about the snow.  He always stops his antics when he see us watching....

Oreo eats the snow, but he never rolls in it.

The lost australian shepherd I wrote about a few weeks ago was finally caught last night.  She had been on the run for 18 days, traveling about 10 miles a day.  I saw her running down the road once and called right away, but they didn't want me to follow her, because she would run further.  She had reverted to survival mode, and even when her owner got within 30 feet of her, she didn't recognize her.   The dog hadn't been seen for three long days when a call came in from vermont.  She was traveling down a road there.  They were able to get a trap set up ahead of her and two hours later they had her.  She was 26 miles from the spot where she was originally lost.  So happy they got her before the really cold weather this weekend.


Collie222 said...

I saw the post on Facebook, I was so happy she had a happy ending!

Dawn said...

Chewy is adorable as always. Katie loves the snow too...eats it like Oreo, but doesn't roll in it. Does love to chase tossed snowballs, though can't figure out where they go when they disappear into the snow.

So glad the Australian Shepherd was caught. Poor thing. Must have been terrified.

Caren Gittleman said...

Chewy is so darned cute! Love when your husband said he was making a "Dog Angel" adorable!! I also like how Oreo watches him.

So happy that dog was finally trapped and back home. Amazing...and they are blessed! (as is the dog!)

Diana said...

So glad they caught the dog. The dog related to Java has never been found. He was lost in November of 2015.

Helen said...

We got some snow too and now it's freezing cold. Since it's so light, I'm waiting til the weekend to clear up the driveway and deck. Glad they found the Aussie; a Sheltie was missing up here in Ontario, near where I used to live, he was found safe and just a little worse for wear. So nice to have happy endings.