Saturday, January 2, 2016

change of plans

Things did not go as planned this morning. I went to a park, but the gates were surprisingly closed. Not sure why.

I thought about just going home, but knew the dogs wouldn't be happy about that! I turned on my GPS and looked to see which other park was the closest. Turns out the one I went to with my dad recently was only 3 miles away.

Well, it was 3 miles down a windy, hilly, snow covered dirt road! I kept thinking...this is a bad idea.

But, once we made it, I was glad I made that decision. Since we were at a much higher elevation there was snow, and it was still coming down lightly. We've only had icy, slushy snow, which has since melted. This was a treat!  Luckily, I had my ice stabilizers for my boots in the car.

I really want to try some of the other paths (especially the one where you can spot otters!), but since this was unplanned I didn't have a trail map.  I thought it was best to stick to the trail I was already familiar with.  Plus, I would've had to drive another mile down the snowy road to get there.  The dogs didn't seem to mind.

This was a bit tricky to get the dogs across without ending up with wet paws or feet!

"whew, we made it!"

treats please!

this bridge has seen better days

these green squiggly things were poking up out of the snow everywhere

it smelled like a christmas tree here

"Uh ma!  I don't do water, you better come up with something."

I had to carry both dogs across this!  No way around it.

You can see a big beaver house in this video, and the tiny path we had to get across.

It was such a great hike.  I'm kind of glad the other place was closed.


Dawn said...

Wow! I would have turned around when I got to the place you had to carry both dogs through. Were your boots waterproof?

HOW did you get yourself and two dogs across those narrow planks? Chew went ahead and Oreo followed you? I'd for sure have fallen off, plus Katie would have wanted to be carried there too I think.

We have those green things here in northern Michigan too! I noticed them on one of my nature preserve walks. Before it snowed...they were really cool. I took pictures of them. I wonder what they are?

What a great walk. I've been several places up here that Katie would have enjoyed for a walk. But only after several other people had tramped down the snow. She doesn't do deep snow. Or water. Or planks.

She DOES do treats, as do your guys I see. Look at Oreo's eyes! TREATS! You are a good mom and didn't forget them in the car like I often do.

Caren Gittleman said...

I must be blind but I couldn't spot the Beaver! Was too busy looking at your handsome boys and the scenery! DakotasDen

Sara said...

My boots are waterproof, but I was able to rock step my way across, carrying both dogs at the same time!

They did most of the planks themselves, usually single file. One I did carry them across, because they had to jump up about a foot to get to the plank. A decade of gymnastics helped me out, and the dogs, of course, learned how to walk the plank in agility!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Oh my dog u carried both dogs at the same time. You are strong! Our wimp of a mom has a hard enough time carrying one of us at a time.

The snow pictures look pretty. I am sure we cant avoid not getting snow fur much longer in nj.

Diana said...

Wow, its beautiful!!! A lot of our parks are closed do to flooding and rain. Yes, weve been having more flooding. Ugh.

Priscilla Phang said...

Wow ! Everything looks so pretty in the park and I can feel the icy coldness too! Those planks would have made me change my mind and turn around as I never feel comfortable with walking on the planks! I've never seen any beaver house before so don't know how it looks like and where it is in your video :(.

Bailey said...

Both dogs, goodness gracious. Carrying one is a workout for me. What a beautiful trail.