Monday, May 18, 2015

five photos and a story, day 2

Fairy Houses.  I'm obsessed with them.  You guys know that.

I know exactly when this love for all things little began.

In first grade, my fabulous teacher, Mrs. Dow (best teacher ever), read my class our first "chapter book".  It was called The Littles.  A fantastic story about a teeny, tiny family living in the walls of a 'big' person's house.

I was enthralled with the story and went on to read many books about The Little family.  I remember my imagination running wild while Mrs. Dow read the book.

She would read us only one chapter a day.  So, I would spend the next 24 hours anticipating and imagining what would happen next.  Those Little characters came to life in my six year old brain.  It was the first time I really 'lived' with characters from a book.

Seeing fairy houses allows me to relive those magical feelings from first grade.

You're never too old to believe in fairies (or at least pretend).

Thanks Mrs. Dow for sparking the magic.  And thanks Mom for starting this fairy village for me.

side note: Sadly, fiction is currently being yanked out of the public school curriculum with the implementation of the common core standards.  Instead, kids are learning how to find 'evidence' in texts.  Makes me so sad that some children may never get to experience this wonderful connection to their imagination.


Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Mommy remembers a movie about the littles many years ago. Not sure if that was the name of the movie, butt she liked the movie.

Helen said...

I liked that book too. Love your fairy village. I have a bookmark that says "Imagination is more important than knowledge", what will those kids imagine.

Dawn said...

That's just so wrong to take fiction out of school. The next generation of great writers may never happen. Hours and Hours of enjoyment won't happen. Isn't there a way to protest this?

Sara said...

Many people are protesting. Unfortunately, the higher ups will deny the fact that fiction is being replaced by non fiction. But with teachers' jobs being directly linked to their students' scores on the common core tests, most have no choice but to focus on non fiction, since that's what students see most on the tests.

Some of the older teachers have not succumbed to the trend, but many have no choice if they want to remain employed.

This is especially true for those who teach low income, special needs students. Those who probably need fiction in their lives the most.

Priscilla Phang said...

Just finished watching a very good Japanese drama which was about the littles lately and I enjoyed the story a lot. In the story, all the littles lived in peace in a beautiful land and everyone was honest, kind and helpful. I think we all need fiction in our life.

Caren Gittleman said...

"fiction is being yanked?" SERIOUSLY??? That is beyond deplorable!
I am like you, I have ALWAYS had an obsession with fairy houses and creatures that live in trees and eat their meals on little chairs and acorn bowls that they craft with their own little paws.

As a child I ALWAYS adored fiction. That is beyond sad.

Bailey said...

I love fairy houses. My 2nd grade teacher got me hooked on reading with the Littles. I read every book in the series and even got my first trip to Friendly's by winning a book reading competition the teacher held that year.

Not a fan of common core. Sadly, the pendulum swings in education and it never makes any sense. If we should have learned ANYTHING it is that not any one style will reach ALL children. There are some kids who do better with non-fiction texts. Some like me loved escaping the world into fantasy and mystery worlds.

I had the privilege of taking my great niece to hear Lois Lowry speak at a library function recently and she inspired my niece to start reading in a way NONE of us have reached her. You just can't know who or what will inspire a child to read. You just have to keep trying.

Sara said...

How cool that the Little made you a reader :) Love that!

I'm hoping the pendulum starts swinging the other way quicker than usual.....

Rob said...

Children today seem to miss out on so much that we used to take for granted. For sure they have more gadgets than we ever did but will they inspire the same as your Mrs Dow.