Sunday, May 24, 2015

five photos, day 4

Today, Jeff and I drove up to the summit of Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts.  It was only 23 miles from our house, but took us an hour to get there, due to dirt roads and the slow speed limit up the mountain.

We passed MANY bicyclists on the road to the summit.  I honestly don't know how they did it.  It was nine miles straight up. And I mean UP!

The views along the way were breathtaking!  Many famous writers (Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Melville) drew inspiration from this mountain, and I can see why.

Our destination was Bascom Lodge at the summit.

You can spend the night there, or simply have lunch, like us.
The food was better than expected and the view was perfect!

After lunch, we took a short walk to the summit overlook.
 This perspective on life makes you realize just how small you really are.

"It was such a country as we might see in dreams, with all the delights of paradise..." -Henry David Thoreau on this same view

It was quite chilly up there, and I can understand why this place isn't open until May.

At the highest peak is the veteran's war memorial, built in the 1930's.  It is 93 feet tall made from 8 ton pieces of granite.  Usually you can go inside, but it is closed this year for renovations.

The beacon at the top is always lighted to honor the state's dead and can be seen from 70 miles away.

There were lots of dogs everywhere.  It was very crowded today, so I was glad I didn't bring Oreo.  I think weekdays would be fine though.

This is the view from the tourist center at the bottom of the mountain, where I picked up an extensive trail map.

Will definitely have to come back in the Fall when the leaves are at their finest.

I think being in the mountains is my favorite place to be.

Friday, May 22, 2015

five photos, day 3

I've walked past a tree that had fallen over the creek dozens of times.

For some reason, last weekend it really caught my eye.

Perhaps, it is because everything is now starting to leaf out?  All winter, I probably just assumed it was a dead tree across the creek.

It's hard to see in this cell phone photo, but this fallen tree is far from dead.   Leaves are still shooting up off the branches.

I feel like this tree should be on one of those inspirational posters with a corny caption:

"never give up" or "never stop reaching for the light" or  "keep hanging on".

The tree inspired my corny self.

The dogs were just hoping it would inspire me enough to reach in the treat bag.  It worked!

Monday, May 18, 2015

five photos and a story, day 2

Fairy Houses.  I'm obsessed with them.  You guys know that.

I know exactly when this love for all things little began.

In first grade, my fabulous teacher, Mrs. Dow (best teacher ever), read my class our first "chapter book".  It was called The Littles.  A fantastic story about a teeny, tiny family living in the walls of a 'big' person's house.

I was enthralled with the story and went on to read many books about The Little family.  I remember my imagination running wild while Mrs. Dow read the book.

She would read us only one chapter a day.  So, I would spend the next 24 hours anticipating and imagining what would happen next.  Those Little characters came to life in my six year old brain.  It was the first time I really 'lived' with characters from a book.

Seeing fairy houses allows me to relive those magical feelings from first grade.

You're never too old to believe in fairies (or at least pretend).

Thanks Mrs. Dow for sparking the magic.  And thanks Mom for starting this fairy village for me.

side note: Sadly, fiction is currently being yanked out of the public school curriculum with the implementation of the common core standards.  Instead, kids are learning how to find 'evidence' in texts.  Makes me so sad that some children may never get to experience this wonderful connection to their imagination.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

five photos, day 1

Dawn has nominated me to do a five day 'photo with a story' challenge, where I have to post a photo and a story everyday for five days (I don't think it's going to happen 5 days in a row, but I will finish this challenge!).  I'm supposed to nominate people each day too, but since I have no idea who even reads my blog after such a long break, I'll skip that part.  Feel free to play along if you want to.

So here is story number 1:

I went to the local garden show in March, and was inspired by this outdoor "room" (basically a small deck with a roof).

Inside was a cozy daybed.  

You all know how I love my hammock and lounging around outside.  

Having a roof over my head and a daybed would mean I could do that even on rainy days!

Jeff shared my inspiration, and started building us one about a month ago. It's not a replica of this one.  Jeff wanted to include some elements he's seen on cool tiny houses.

When Jeff had the bare bones up, we put in some furniture to see how things would fit.  Since we weren't sure of the best size daybed to get - twin or full, we blew up the twin camp bed that we had in the basement to check out the size.

Well, Oreo assumed immediately that this was HIS new outdoor bed.

Now, Oreo won't get off the thing.

Yes Oreo, everything we do we do for you.  A cool, shady, soft spot to wile away a warm spring day.

Jeff put the finishing touches on the 'cabana' today.  Now, he can build a platform for the daybed.

Hopefully, Oreo likes it as much as this blow up one!