Friday, October 3, 2014

lovely blog award

Our good friend, Helen, gave us the "One Lovely Blog Award."

Thanks for nominating us Helen!  I love reading about Beckett and Keltic's adventures with you.

There are rules that go with this award, but I'm breaking some of them!

I will list 7 facts about myself (and oreo & chewy).  I tried to pick stuff most of you wouldn't already know.  But I feel like you already know everything, so it was hard!

1. I've done yoga every day for the past 80 days (when will I stop counting?)!  A lot of times I have to downward dog around my down dogs.  My favorite yoga youtube site is's very entertaining.

2. I never get to work early.  In fact, if my co-workers arrive after me, they say, "Wow, I must be REALLY late."

3. I consider myself to be a bad driver, even though I've never caused an accident.  I can't drive backwards and I can't drive any car that isn't "compact".

4. Speaking of cars, Oreo barks like a madman in the car, unless he rides shotgun.  I know the front seat isn't the safest place for him, but I let him sit there (seatbelted) to maintain all of our sanity.

5. I can teach my dog to roll himself up in a blanket, but I can't be bothered to train Chewy not to bark nonstop while I make his dinner.

6.  The only way I can get out of the house without the dogs following me is to throw them treats down the hallway.

7.  The only pet I had growing up was a chameleon named BG (because he could turn both brown and green).  He was a classroom pet that our teacher offered up to the class.  I asked my mom if I could bring him home.  She said, "I'll think about it."  The next day, BG came home with me.  I had him for awhile, but sadly, he died.  My parents tried to replace him with a new one before I found out.  BG was a skinny little thing. My dad went to the petstore and brought home a fat chameleon with only half a tail.  I was not fooled.

Have a happy day everyone!


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

You know our Mom is a yoga addict - she did it for many many years and taught it too...she doesn't do it so much anymore because the RA doesn't let her be as flexible as she once was. Mom too thinks she is a bad driver - she gets distracted so easily when she see's something. She won't even answer the phone while driving (even though she has that sync thing) because talking distracts her Mr Oreo is looking mighty happy today

Helen said...

I've been thinking I should do yoga or something to stay somewhat flexible.

Thats funny about Chewy barking for his dinner. Keltic barks at a lot of things but dinner is not one of them. He's the first dog I've had that doesn't stay and watch. I have to call him to dinner, he's usually watching out the family room window.

Caren Gittleman said...

Huge Congratulations! Oh you made me laugh!
I ALWAYS have to give Dakota treats when I leave! He jumps on me, pushes me (and this dog is NOT a jumper or pusher!)
He also barks like crazy when my husband and I are getting ready to eat!

betty said...

Congratulations! "Sara Loves Dogs," sure is "One Lovely Blog."
Sara, Oreo, and Chewy stories make me smile. Love ya. Aloha.

Dawn said...

Well those were 7 things I did not know! Can't believe your folks thought you wouldn't notice. Katie lets me leave all the time, no problem. I think she's glad I go to work so she can go nap with her dad. Traitor.

Diana said...

LOl, Thanks for making me laugh!!!

Unknown said...

Have I ever told you that I'm a yoga freak as well? Yes, I am. lol!

Really enjoyed reading this post, it made me laugh even though I'm actually dead tired at the moment. Thanks for the good laugh.