Thursday, July 31, 2014


Yesterday, we had the reserve to ourselves again except for a couple does and a buck!  The only place I've ever seen a buck is on someone's wall.  I was pretty darn excited.  I took a video or them running through the field, but I didn't zoom in and you can barely see them.  I'll have to maintain the memory in my brain!

We had lots of rain this week, so there were some soggy spots where I had to carry Mr. Chewy.  He doesn't get his feet wet for nothin'.  It was nice to hear the little creek running under the bridge.
 I've learned to wear wellies for our walks here.  That way I can stand in the water and take photos!

My school vacation is just about half over.  It flies by so fast.  I must keep taking advantage of all this bonus time I get to spend with my dogs, and reconnect all the wires in my brain for the frenzy that is September.
Nothing helps me do that more than being in nature, especially with my dogs.

While some people get bored and antsy and power clean their house from top to bottom, I relish this quiet, peaceful downtime.
I love it when my google calendar tells me in the morning, "You have no events scheduled today."


Diana said...

I should probably clean my house too , during the summer, but I never do. Lol

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

There is nothing better than going to the park with the boys to help you de-stress and just reconnect. Love all the photos - especially that big mossy rock :)

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Never heard of welles before, but we can imagine what they look like. Pawsome pictures even without the right shoes on.

Dawn said...

Wonderful! Don't know what a wellie is either..but sounds like something Christopher Robbin would wear. Glad you saw the buck! Were the boys excited about the deer?

Sara said...

The dogs were too busy sniffing to notice.

Wellies are very christopher robin!

MB said...

Oh those wonderful (rare) days with no events scheduled... the best. To ruin them with a dust rag and vacuum would just be wrong.

Caren Gittleman said...

Chewy and Dakota once again, are similar! Dakota HATES to get his paws wet! My heart goes out to you, my husband taught Special Ed for 36 yrs, he would start to get depressed as soon as August arrived. Just enjoy the present!!! Loved your photos!