Friday, July 18, 2014

mud pond preserve

On today's adventure, we went to Mud Pond Preserve.  Yet another place, 15 minutes from my house, that I've never been.  Although, this place has only been around since November, and is still expanding.

I took a risk and brought Oreo along.  There was only one car in the parking lot, so that was promising. Strangely, we never came across anyone, which was great for Oreo.   The trail isn't exactly a loop, so I'm not sure how we missed them, and their car was still there when we left.  I think we may have missed a large portion of the trail, because I read it was a 2 mile walk, and we definitely didn't walk two miles. Not sure what happened, because the trail was marked extremely well with big yellow markers every few feet. time we'll have to go right instead of left at one intersection.

They call it Mud Pond Preserve, but we came across more mud than pond!  We did hear frogs croaking the entire time though.  That was cool.

The trail was beautifully done and maintained.

There were bridges
and planks

and pretty stone walkways.

We did see the pond at the end of the trail. I'm not a pond expert, but it looked kind of swampy.  My photo came out horrible.
The pond is actually in the back of this photo (not the water up front), where you can see the sun shining.  There was a sign there saying they hope to build a viewing platform for the pond.  I bet it would be a good place to photograph pond wildlife.

I read that it is a 'rare acidic lake' and a 'peat bog' and there's a 'blueberry bog thicket'.  Not sure what that all means, but maybe you do?

Overall, we had a good time, enjoyed the 60 degree morning temps, and saw some new stuff.

Oreo did great, and even handled the parking lot with very minimal freakishness.  It may not have been as picturesque as yesterday's park, but this one felt more like a hike than a stroll, which I kind of liked. Although, I was a little concerned about running into bears!

We'll try it again sometime.


Sam said...

How fun! You have the prettiest places to walk!

Monty and Harlow

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that still looked like a great place to go walkies and they are beautiful pics. isn't the weather just beautiful at the moment week we are back into the 90's they say

Bailey said...

What a great outing. Glad Oreo was able to enjoy himself.

Scout and Axel said...

you guys were lucky to find a new park to explore

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

This post is the beginning of a mystery novel. somebodys mysterious car there with no sign of him. Gulp. Hope the mud didnt get him. Gulp again.

We can comment u at all hours of the night in case we have nightmares-right?

Helen said...

Love the picture of the boys on the stumps. That looks like another nice place fo walks. Don't you have any problems with deer flies?

Sara said...

No deer flies at all. Bugs havent been too bad this year....yet.

Sara said...

It is a little creepy! Sweet dreams.

Lilli said...

That looked like a nice trail :)