Monday, July 21, 2014

curious chewy

Chewy is starting to get really curious about water!   He was pulling me toward it this morning.
  Maybe, someday he'll decided to dip his toes?
 Does he wanna take a swim?
 Or maybe he just finds it a good place to meditate, kinda like me.  Maybe I should bring my yoga mat, and we could do some downward dogs?

Oreo bravely dealt with two people and a dog on our walk at the park this morning. No barking at all, just meatball eating, and a really quick recovery. He was a little stressed out afterward, but not manic. Ahh, magic meatballs!


A heat wave is coming in for the next few days. Since my dogs won't swim, it might be a good day to give them a bath.  Shhhhh, don't tell them.

Stay cool everybody!


houndstooth said...

A bath?! You really have to suck the joy out of things, do you? lol We choose hot days for baths, too!

It looks like the boys really enjoyed your outing! The photos are beautiful!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Maybe Chewy is smelling fish and is thinking tasty treats in that water :) :) Well done are lucky he will take treats - Denny won't eat, drink, pee or poop when he is out - gosh he barely even sniffs he is always so busy looking over his shoulder :)

Sara said...

Yes, I am lucky that he's very food motivated. If Oreo is really scared he won't eat or pee. So, if he is eating and marking, I know I at least have part of his brain to work with.

katie said...
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Dawn said...

Katie won't eat treats when she's stressed either, so Oreo was doing really well. Love you Oreo! You are braver than you know!

Hey Chewy, jump in the creek before your mom gets the SHAMPOO out!!!

Scout and Axel said...

what a brave doggie Oreo and you look so handsome sitting with chewy watching in adoration

betty said...

Lazy, hot summer days call for the hydrant to be open, in your garden the sprinklers or hose turned on. Would your beautiful guys run under them?
It is really hot and humid here, too. We are longing for the Tradewinds. Aloha.

Caren Gittleman said...

YAY for magic meatballs!!!! Gooooo Oreo!