Friday, March 14, 2014


Yesterday, I said to Jeff, "Our state bird is the bluebird, and I've never seen one. I really want to see one."

Then today, I happened to look out the window and saw a bright blue bird sitting on my toppled over bird bath.

There was a pair of bluebirds six feet from the window!  I was so excited, I ran and got my camera.

Sensing something exciting was going on, my two hooligans started barking, and the bright blue one (male?) flew away.  

But the other one hung around a bit longer.

I'm hoping the couple was scoping out the place, and spotted my new birdhouse!  I'll be thrilled if they choose to raise their babies here this spring.

But, if I never see them again, at least I finally had this moment! 

I've wanted to see a bluebird since I was a kid.  Can't believe it took this long.


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that is a pair and yes - the blue is the male. They look exactly the same as the ones we have here - for the last three years they have nested in one of our nest boxes and every year something throws the babies out of the nest about a week after they hatch. I saw the first ever red cardinal at our feeder yesterday too - they are really common around here but first time in our yard.

Sara said...

I remember seeing the photos of yours last year.

We have cardinals here everyday, and they are stunning. Hope yours stays around your yard too!

betty said...

My friend in California often mentions the bluebirds in her yard. I, too, have never seen one. We have lots of Mynah birds and cardinal but no bluebirds. Your visitor is a beauty. I hope he tweet-tweets his friends about the available house in your yard. Aloha.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Mommy was just singing the "somewhere over the rainbow" song at dinnertime earlier today and the song mentions bluebirds in it.

Helen said...

We have cardinals here, they are lovely. But I don't think we have bluebirds, at least, I've never seen one.

Dawn said...

I can never grab the camera and head for a window either, Katie ALWAYS jumps up on a chair to see what's going on and inevitably scares whatever I was interested in off. I guess that's their job.

I'm glad you had a pair visit! Yes the male is the bright blew one. Watch your yard, odds are they are flitting around. When they fly in the sun they are just stunning.

You can build a simple blue bird box...there are all sorts of plans on line. Easy to do. Needs to be put up now they're looking for a home.

Sara said...

I have a simple wood box out there. Hoping they like it!

I saw the female again today :)

Caren Gittleman said...

they are the "Bluebirds of Happiness!" I can't believe that no sooner did you say you wanted to see one, than you did!!! That's amazing!! Spooky! Hope they raise their babies there too!

Helen said...

We have Bluebirds here also. I love them. They are my favorite bird.Those sparrows do break up a nest and get the babies if they get a chance along with the blackbirds.
I keep water out for them and other birds. I have quit feeding the sparrows hoping they will find a home elsewhere.

Diana said...

I see them a lot at the park. Not so much at my house. To many barks dogs keep everything away.

Nicki said...

It's our state bird too, but I rarely see one.