Monday, February 3, 2014

mishmash monday

I took Chewy to his first agility league match this past Saturday.  I was really worried about how he would handle it, since our last trial experience was pretty much a disaster!

It was held at our school, so at least he was familiar with the setting.  Plus, I knew the ability to have treats in the ring would be a huge help.

On our first run, I didn't get a sit at the start, he bailed the teeter, ran past the weaves, then hopped on every obstacle he could, even when I didn't want him to!  I laughed a lot during that run.  Chewy did go through the tire, instead of under it! WhooHoo! I treated him for his contacts, for his tire, and for being cute.

When it was time for our second run, he pulled me to the building.  Clearly, whatever nervous energy he had in the ring was forgotten!

Our second run went much better.  It was a game, so I could make up my own course.  I avoided the teeter, and stuck with his favorites - contacts!  We had a really good run.  Chewy stayed at the startline.  He stuck every contact, and stayed with me the whole time.   He handled the 'judge' yelling out numbers and standing right in front of the tunnel entrance I was trying to send him in!  Chewy just went around him. Such a good boy.  That run felt really good.

The game rules were complicated, one where you had to guess how many points you would score before you enter the ring.  Well, my brain must be exhausted from having to predict what scores my 72 human students are going to get on their final exams for my yearly evaluation, because I really underestimated how many points we would get.  No big deal though.  Unlike school, these points don't really matter!

Overall, I'm glad we went!

I don't plan on doing a lot of trialing with Chewy. Trialing just isn't my thing.  But I do plan on doing a few small trials this summer.  Hopefully, by exposing him to league matches, our next trial experience will go a bit smoother.

I really don't want Chewy to find agility stressful in anyway.  Been there with another dog, and don't ever want to be there again.  If he isn't having fun at trials, we'll just stick to our fun classes.


Chris and Ricky said...

I know what you mean - agility for fun with no stress! Chewy clearly had a great time.

Dawn said...

Awww Chewy, what an adorable ball of cuteness you are! Glad you had fun on the second run. Trust your Mom, she just wants to have fun!

Diana said...

I dont think Chewy is stressed. Remember Chewy isnt Oreo. Those behaviors you are descibing are excitment behaviors. He is over the top excited. He will work through it. The more run thurs and trials you go to, the better he will get. So dont worry, its not stress.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Sounds like he was having lots of fun and he sure did look tired in that last pic....and looks like he found the best place to snooze :)

Helen said...

Sounds like you both had fun. I hope to get Keltic in K9 Kup again this year, we can't use treats or toys but much less stressful than an actual trial.

houndstooth said...

I'm so glad you both had fun! I wish there was some video of Chewy in the ring this time.

Caren Gittleman said...

look at that precious baby who earned his well deserved rest! You are so incredibly attuned to your dogs, you are such a joy and so are your dogs!

Bailey said...

That last picture is so cute.

Sam said...

It sounds like you still had a lot of fun!

Monty and Harlow