Tuesday, November 5, 2013

tricky t-day ~ backwards

I've been working a lot of backwards tricks with the dogs. Chewy is learning to weave and do figure 8's forward and back.

Oreo knows this stuff, but I'm trying to get him to switch from forward to back seamlessly.  He's getting really close with his figure 8's.  Unfortunately, when I was videoing Oreo, our session started off with me stepping on his foot.  Then, he wasn't into doing the tricks, because I can't be trusted not to step on his foot again.

Therefore, you'll have to watch Chewy, who never fails to entertain (at least me)!


Maybe next week, I'll show you Oreo.  I'll be careful not to step on his toes.

I had an idea to try and get Oreo doing ALL his tricks on one video.  Kinda like a snapshot of everything he has learned.  I've been reviewing a lot of his tricks with him to see what he remembers.  It's been fun! He forgot a lot, but picks it up quick with a few sessions.

It is reminding me of all the tricks Chewy still needs to learn.

I think Oreo's compilation video will be our winter project.  Better stock up on treats!


Dawn said...

Awww Chewy! You DO make us laugh and that's a very good trick indeed! I can't believe your Mom stepped on your brother's toes! Well. I can. Cause I stepped on Katie's tail one day in school and she wouldn't sit near me the rest of the day. In fact it was WEEKS before she'd to that exercise again. And she is still skittish, and that was years ago!

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Chuckles...Oreo and Denny could be twinsies......if something happens the him...he can't trust it. Like the rose bush grabbed his fur when he went by it the other day...now he won't go within six feet of it! But look at chewy go.....he is brilliant!

Diana said...

Chewy looks great. Poor Oreo, he has that sensitive sheltie gene. LOL

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Way to go Chewy! Great weave tricks! Love all those treats you got there! Jackpot!

Chewy, your butt isn't big like it says in the video! Chewy, you need to get a hold of that computer video program and write your own captions on that video. We would love to hear your commentary. (Something about Sara needing to work on gymnastic splits in order for your muscular backside to weave thru.) LOL

All jokes aside -- we are really impressed by the video. Mommy tried to get me to weave thru her legs once -- and it wasn't pretty -- trust me -- it wasn't pretty!

Caren Gittleman said...

oh that was superb!! LOVED IT!

Helen said...

That was awesome! Yes, I think Chewy needs to help with the captions. Wonder if you could get a dog to do agility weaves backwards...

Chris and Ricky said...

Great job Chewy! I love how he likes the backwards better. Ricky hated the backwards weaves. I had that idea too of making a video of all of Ricky's tricks. Can't wait to see Oreo's!

Pippa Sheltie said...

Aww, Chewy is just so cute, he looked like he tried so hard! Poor thing, bashing his bum against you going backwards, and his head when he went forwards!
Sara, you get the dogs to do such ace things! Can't wait to see Oreo's video!
Pippa :)