Friday, September 27, 2013

cow dogs

We love our friends, the cowspot dogs - Reilly and Denny.

Even though Oreo and Chewy aren't cowspot dogs, they both do a pretty good cow impression.

 Here's Oreo being a Holstein cow:

 And here is Chewy being a jersey cow:
When our grass gets high, my dogs, especially Oreo, eat a lot of grass, and amazingly, they keep it down. I asked my vet about it, and she just shrugged and said that her dogs graze more than her horses do, so not a big deal.

Sorry, we haven't been around much. Going back to work after 11 weeks off is quite the shock to the system. We're all good!  And hopefully I can get back to posting on a regular basis soon.  I may even have a new trick to show you this week.


Diana said...

Java only eats grass when she feels sick. But Guiness has been eating dirt recently. I wonder if I should be worried.

Pippa Sheltie said...

Haha, Pippa always keeps the grass down, anywhere she goes!
I'm looking forward to seeing this new trick!

Caren Gittleman said...

I love those 2 little cows the best! So cute!!!
Good luck with school this year, it is hard...wishing you the best!
We will be here waiting for whenever you have time!

betty said...

Your Cow-Shelties are getting sweeter and sweeter. Must be the delicious grass. I'm dreaming of the feta cheese you would have if you added a goat to your pasture.
Big hugs to you all. Aloha.

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

You are both honorary cowspotdogs....and you know what - Denny is a grazer too - he loves grass and when we are out walking he nibbles on every plants he passes. I use to worry about him getting sick but he never has...he seems to know which are safe to chomp.

Helen said...

Chewy really likes to chew grass doesn't he :-) Beckett and Keltic eat a little but I've never seen them graze like that. Tucker used to pull it out in clumps and then spit it out, never understood that.

Helen said...

Our dogs eat grass also especially it they are not feeling their best. I think it must be good medicine for them.

Dawn said...

Katie isn't much of a grass eater...but she nibbles sometimes. Bonnie liked it better than Katie does. Silly cow-dogs...they are so CUTE!

Chris and Ricky said...

Very cute cow dogs! I think the idea that dogs eat grass because they don't feel good is an old wives tale. My father-in-law told me dogs need grass for their digestion - not sure I believe that either. :)