Tuesday, August 27, 2013

find the box

We are a bit behind on our nosework homework.  I realized that I was moving too fast, which resulted in some holes in our training, so I back tracked for over a week, building the background skills.

I also think my training sessions were too long, which was causing frustration (me & the dogs). Now, I set a 2 minute timer to keep myself from overdoing it.  We do two 2 minute sessions a day.

At this point, Chewy is a bit ahead of Oreo.  Chewy REALLY gets the idea that finding the scent and staying with it means REWARD, even if he is a bit chaotic about the whole thing.

For this game, there are four identical boxes.  Three are dummy boxes, and one has the scented tin.  He needs to find the scent and stay there.


Oreo is still a bit cautious, and wants to check with me to make sure he got it right.  He's made a lot of progress though, so I'm really pleased.


Here is Chewy showing the next step.  I have the source tin in one hand, treats in the other (similar to our very first game).  The twist ~ I try and lure him away from the scent with the treats.  If he stays at the tin, I bring my hand back in and reward.  He did awesome at this game!  This is only his second time playing.  The only time he flubbed up was when he timer was about to go off.  That's why it is so important for me to keep training short, before his attention span starts to waiver.

Both dogs are really enjoying these games, and now follow me to the basement every time I go down there, even if I'm just doing laundry.


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

They are both doing so great...search and rescue next !

houndstooth said...

They're both doing great! I love Chewy's enthusiasm!

And yes, I do feel like it would be easier if I were in the room at school by myself! lol

Caren Gittleman said...

they are both brilliant!! Chewy is so confident!! Oreo is precious as well, I like how he looks to you for reassurance.
You have a wonderful set up for training there!

Helen said...

That's great. I loved watching the other dog in the background doing their own search. LOL.

Diana said...

They are doing wonderful. Very cool to watch the last video. You cant lure Chewey away. Wow!

Chris and Ricky said...

What a cool idea nosework is! I love watching how it works and progresses. Oreo and Chewy look great!