Monday, July 29, 2013

mishmash monday

Chewy and I are going to attempt to qualify for DOCNA nationals tomorrow night!  

We've been practicing 12 weave poles everyday, randomly, while playing ball.  Chewy thinks it's a fun game.  Not sure how it will play out in a trial where there is no ball to chase. Plus, it will probably be the longest course he's ever done without a reward.  Oh yea, there will most likely be some rarely practiced obstacle discriminations too!  Not aiming high or anything am I?  

Should be a good time, and if we Q that will be a bonus.

 Fingers crossed.
"Let me see if I can cross my tongue."

"Let's see if we can cross our eyes...."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

garage dog

Oreo loves hanging out in the garage with his Daddy.  Soon, he will have a new garage.  Here he is checking out the progress:
 Can you spot Chewy?
Chewy is more of an outdoor dog than a "garage dog".

Monday, July 22, 2013

mishmash monday

Out of all the places in the house where the dogs could possibly lie down, i.e. dog beds, couches, human beds, recliners, hammocks, my dogs chose under the kitchen table.  They like to use the rungs as head rests.

I don't get it.  They are weird.

Our heat wave finally broke!  Spent all day outside yesterday, even took a hammock nap.  It was fabulous. Hope everyone else is getting some much needed relief too.

We had to spend much of last week indoors anyway, as Jeff is getting a garage built, so we were swarmed by trucks/construction workers.   All things that make sheltie dogs bark their heads off.

Had to sign a waiver before the concrete truck would cross our private bridge.  The driver gunned it across, and it didn't collapse.  Whew.  Although, that could've made an interesting blog post.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

fun trial

Last night's DOCNA agility trial was awesome.  It was so laid back and stress free.  From start to finish it was only 2 and a half hours.  Not one cranky person, and no one complained about anything, not even the ridiculous heat.  If every trial could be like that, I'd probably enter more!

We did two standard runs.  Chewy had a little bit of trouble getting focused on me at the start line. So, that's something we'll have to work on.  Once we got "lined up", he was good to go.

This was our first run.  I was really worried about the dogwalk to tunnel.  In class, Chewy often chooses to go right back up the dogwalk, because he loves his contacts.  I made sure my feet were pointed at the fence, and the little superstar didn't even think about going back up the dogwalk.  After that, it was smooth sailing, minus the one spin when I rear crossed him.

Our second run, we did the same course in reverse.  The only bobble we had was the weaves. He blasted past them, but I think it was because I didn't tell him "weave" early enough. I brought him back around, and he got them the second time.  Then, he finished like a champ.

We got two q's and two first places.  We also got our Beginner Standard title.  I think I'm going to keep him in beginner's for our next trial instead of moving him up.  We still have a lot of skill building to do, and I want trials to be fun, not frustrating.

Monday, July 15, 2013

mishmash monday

Someone nearby found this bear on top of their bird feeder!  I wonder if Mr. Bear dropped my feeder in order to climb up on this one.....
We're keeping an eye out.

Chewy will be doing a Tuesday night DOCNA trial tomorrow.  Two standard runs.  Our teacher will be the judge, so it should seem like class to him, except I won't have meatballs on me.

Despite very sporadic training, Chewy's contacts and weaves are really consistent, it is me who needs more training!  I have to remember to walk the course thinking about all the potential off course opportunities, something I never had to do with Oreo.

Given the fact that we haven't entered a trial in over a year, we may end up being crowd entertainment.

Chewy lives to RUN, jump and climb, so he'll have a good time no matter what, and that's all that matters.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy to be home

While vacation is good, home is better.

Have a safe and happy fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

vacation food

Can't go to Maine without having lobster once a day!

Strangely, the dogs don't like lobster.  But they did LOVE Gifford's Maine tracks ice cream (and their toasted coconut ice cream too -YUM!, oh yea, and the Maine Wild Blueberry ice cream was pretty good too).
This was the closest they came to eating lobster:

Goldthwaite's was my favorite place to eat (I think we ate a meal there everyday) - lobster rolls, crab rolls, delicious french fries and spicy crab cake salad (YUM)!
spicy crab cake salad
It had a nice view too.
wood island lighthouse in the distance

Chewy liked the fact that Grandpa seemed to eat all the time!  We're pretty sure that he has a hollow leg.  And when he wasn't eating, he left his socks within easy reach, so the dogs could steal them and carry them around the house!

We went a little ghetto on the deck.  Had to put the table on the lounge chair to keep food safe from vulture Chewy.  Had to put the chair thru the lounge chair and then put the leg on a plastic container, because it had a broken leg.  Ahh, vacation rentals, you never know what you're gonna get.

Finally, the food lady brought really, really good hot dogs, which the dogs really, really loved (and so did us humans).  

Thanks for coming on vacation with us.  Now, listen to the waves:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Oreo found many chairs on this trip!

 Chewy found a few too.

Monday, July 1, 2013

fortunes rocks beach

Not only did we have a private beach, but there was a huge public beach, Fortunes Rocks, within easy walking distance.

The first time I brought the dogs to the public beach, things didn't go so well.  It was a really warm day, so the beach had a bunch of people on it, even though it was early morning.  Chewy had to get his feet wet(which he was not happy about).  Then, a little girl kept yelling, "Can I pet your dog?  Can I pet your dog?  PLEASE.  JUST ONCE!"  Not a fan of children, Oreo panicked, even though I kept telling her "no".  Despite lots of treats, Oreo's body language was clearly telling me, "Let's get out of here!"

We quickly left, and went back to our private beach.

The view on the walk home wasn't so bad.  Low tide left a lot of rocks visible.

A few days later, it got colder and gloomier, so I ventured to the public beach again.  This time, we had the whole beach to ourselves!  Whew!  What a treat!

Oreo was still a little cautious, but he didn't panic, and was able to stop and sniff stuff.  We spent a long time on the beach.

We even saw Jeff and my dad ride by on their bikes....can you see them?
  They rode really far that day.

I'm glad we tried the beach again.  The beach is so dynamic with the tides and fickle Maine weather.  Luckily, the crowds change at different times too.  That way even scaredy dogs can have some beach time too.