Saturday, June 29, 2013


Last week, Chewy got to see the ocean for the first time ever!  We went to southern Maine, and stayed right on the coast.  It was pretty spectacular to wake up to ocean views every morning.

Jeff even put up a little fence, so the puppies could have a little play/pee area off the deck.
 The rosa rugosa completed the fence on the third side.  Too many thorns for the dogs to even be tempted to try and crawl through.

Chewy was a maniac during high tide.  Those waves coming in drove him crazy.

I let him off the leash once during high tide, and he had the time of his life, running up and down the beach biting and barking at the waves. However, I learned that waves are way more fun than me, as he lost any recall skills he may have had!

It was really nice having a private beach.  Didn't have to deal with any scary children or people, so the dogs could relax and explore and play ball off leash during low tide.   I did keep their leashes on/let them drag most of the time unless they were playing, since I didn't want to break any leash laws or cause any problems with the neighbors.  The beach was all closed in by rocks and rosa rugosa, which helped Oreo feel safe.

"You're crazy Daddy!"

so many new smells!

more later......

Friday, June 28, 2013


While we were away, a bear came to visit our yard.  Bummed that I missed it....but maybe it was a good thing. 

Mr. Berenstein was in our neighbors' car port, then made his way up over the hill to our house when our neighbor fired a shot to scare him away.  Neighbor did call to warn us that the bear was heading our way, so we could get the dogs inside if need be. Said it was a 200 pounder.
Mr. Berenstein was in the fenced-in portion of our yard too!  Part of our wire fence was crushed and broken! Jeff fixed it before I had a chance to take a photo. Yikes.

The poor baby wrens are still in the house!  Before we even unloaded the truck, Jeff went out to fix the birdhouse.  The parent wrens weren't too happy about the fixing process, but I'm sure they are relieved that their babies aren't going to fall out of the house now!

Can't find one of my if you see a bear walking around carrying one, its MINE!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

round two

We have another quartet of baby robins.  This time mama is nesting under our deck, which makes for easy viewing.

 You can only see 3 in the video, but I know there are 4 squished in there.

Monday, June 17, 2013

mishmash monday

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, and romantic Jeff took on the ginormous task of cleaning two years of filth and dog hair out of the clown car!  Several hour project...apparently there were dog treats everywhere (gee, wonder how that happened).

Oreo thought this was a fun project, and took on the role of supervisor.  Whenever a car door opens, Oreo hops right in.  He will only come out for food.

Seriously, it was the best anniversary gift ever.  Should've taken a "before" photo, but it would be way too embarrassing.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the "dog dads" out there.

My dogs LOVE their daddy.

Happy Father's Day to all the human dads too, especially mine.

Monday, June 10, 2013

mishmash monday

Last weekend, we took the dogs hiking at a state park. It was really hot last weekend, and I thought, since the park is a dense forest and at a higher elevation, it would feel cool.

Not the case.

 Plus, the black flies were out. And mosquitoes.  

 We walked the "waterfall trail".
Kinda disappointing! It was more of a creek with a slight slope than a waterfall.

 All the photos came out pretty crappy.

 Chewy whined "I HATE HIKING", every time we came to areas where we had to step over small runoffs of water. I had to pick him up and carry him. Can't get his precious little toes wet.

I think the only one who didn't complain was Oreo.
We'll try the trail again in the Fall, when it's cooler and less buggy, and hopefully no little runoffs for Chewy to cross.
I'll have to wear some rubber boots too, or hope for a dry summer, because the trail continues behind me, across the creek.  Not enough visible rocks to try and balance my way across, especially when I would be carrying wimpy Chewy.  It was deeper than it looks in this photo.

On a positive note, the park ranger was super nice to us.  Since we only wanted to hike, and not use any of the other park facilities, he let us park in the staff area and waived the $7 entrance fee.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Big changes

It's been raining here. A lot. You'll see the results at the end!
January 1st

January 28th

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April 5

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