Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tricky t-day ~ targeting stuff

Well, these aren't exactly new tricks.

I joined a training group on facebook, and this month we are working on "targeting" tricks.  Some dogs are beginners and are doing stuff like pressing the easy button.

That's one we covered and mastered many moons ago.

I decided to revisit some tricks that we worked on in Silvia's trick class, but never quite mastered.

Alas, we still haven't mastered them!

Anyway, here is Oreo still working on limp on 2 legs, and Chewy learning how to do Oreo's "flip/flop" trick, where the dog puts their paws on your feet and walks with you.

Chewy doesn't get that in order to walk, it helps to stand up!  He ends up dragging his butt on the ground like a seal.  Maybe we can make that a trick?

We went to see Oreo's behaviorist this weekend, and she gave me A LOT of homework to do.  Not sure if I'll have treats left over for tricks for the next few months.

Chewy came to the appointment, and the doctor loved him so much she asked for his pedigree (she's thinking about getting a sheltie).

Gee, I wonder why she never asked for Oreo's?  Oh, maybe because he wouldn't come out from under the chair!  Silly boy.


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

ohhhhh THANK YOU for giving me my Tuesday SMILE!!

Your dogs amaze me! I can't get over how well each one sits on their mat while watching and waiting for the other to complete their "tricks"

What kind of treats do you use for training?

Oreo sounds like Dakota, he would lay under the chair too...I think she asked about Chewy because he has an incredible "swagger" and "cockiness" about him that he has had since he was a puppy! He oozes charm!

But I love them BOTH!

Sara said...

I'm actually using mini breed kibble for treats. Really, really small pieces, and without all the mess of other treats.

haopee said...

Maybe it's because Chewy looks like Lassie so maybe that's the reason why she likes him.

Awww, that's hilarious. Chewy gets points for being lazier than Oreo.

These are amazing tricks. I am amazed by your dedication.

Huggies and Cheese,


Chris and Ricky said...

Very fun to see Oreo in action with tricks again! He lifts those two feet so well!

Chewy sitting to do cop cop is hilarious! Only Chewy!

Did you get your hair cut? I like it!

Kathy said...

I was truly thinking about you and Oreo lately and wondering if you were still seeing the behavioralist. What a great combo you have in dogs- you have Oreo stretching your talents and I'm sure making you think, but also great at tricks and learning, and sweet as they come, then you have Chewy who looks easy behaviorally and a live wire. I am sure Chewys confident nature helps Oreo :-) they truly seem like such a wonderful match. I would love to find the yahoo group, I'm dying to start some more trick training or do a challenge....
Love the video and seeing the boys, love them ! Looks like they are doing so well!

Diana said...

They both look great. How did you get them to stay on the mat while the other is working?

Helen said...

The best trick is that one sits on a mat while the other gets treats. I'd have three barking dogs all offering up their best trick.

Helen said...

The best trick is that one sits on a mat while the other gets treats. I'd have three barking dogs all offering up their best trick.

houndstooth said...

I love the tricks! I wish I had the patience to work on some with our pups!

Dawn said...

You are one excellent dog trainer! And I love Oreo, even though he isn't the bravest. Probably because he isn't the bravest. Chewy on the other hand reminds me a lot of a sheltie around here....sigh...he sure is cute though, and such a good boy too!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

How in the world do you do it! Whenever Mommy tries to do any kind of training with us -- we bark and bark and run around. How in the world do you get your dogs to sit nicely on a mat and keep them quiet. That's one trick Mommy would love to master! :)

Sara said...

We've done lots and lots of "matwork". Now, when the dogs see the mat, they jockey for who gets to lie on it first and be rewarded for doing nothing! Weird, right?