Monday, July 30, 2012

mishmash monday

Today, it's not the photos that are mishmash, but the flowers!

In the spring, I planted two varieties of sunflower seeds on the hill we see from our living room.

The deer visited, thought the seedlings were yummy, and destroyed more than half by beheading them like a guillotine.
(It's a boy!)

Luckily, some tree guard spray saved the last dozen or so.

The seed package said one variety would grow 4-5 feet tall.  Here they are.  Huge right?

Here is the mishmash part of this post:
Chewy and Oreo are 15 inch tall dogs.

Why does it seem like the dogs AND the flowers are laughing at me?

Chewy says, "Mommy you shrunk the sunflowers!"

I didn't get out a measuring tape, but I'm guessing they aren't even 2 feet!  I think they were blooming for days before I even noticed them.  I have to get binoculars out to see them from the living room window, because all I see are little yellow dots.

Oh well, they still look pretty (when you get close), and the "mammoth" variety behind them have yet to bloom. They are supposed to be 9-12 feet tall.  I'll be lucky if they reach a yard.

Better do some research before planting next year.


Chris and Ricky said...

LOL! They are pretty up close! :)

Just not enough rain this year.

Helen said...

I would say that with more rain they'd be taller. I saw a wheat field that was ripe just the other day and the wheat was only half the height it should have been.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

I think the flowers are pretty! Good things come in small packages -- at least that's what we heard. (Mommy would rather have us "small" Shelties than "huge" Collies -- so that saying has got to have some truth to it.)

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

oh my you made me laugh! Not AT you but at how Chewy and Oreo are both sitting there smiling for the camera! Happy Monday!

Bailey Be Good! said...

Hi there!! Just stopping by to say hello!

Be sure to stop by my mommy's Facebook page -- there may be someone there you recognize. Teehee!

Woofs & huggies, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

pooky said...

Beautiful!!!! It's funny...Chewy is looking at your sunflowers I can't find! They are so pretty! Your lovlies did an awesome job posing;) Have a fun week!

Kathy said...

hahahahahah, that is too funny, maybe the package said they would get 4-5 INCHES and yours are over achievrs? LOL, hahahahha. they are awefully pretty, it would be pretty if there were hundreds of them in that one area, although I guess the deers were not on board with that plan. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your yard, it is so nice. Love the fawn, too sweet. We saw some stink bugs, that is the type of wild life we get, maybe a few stray ants, welll I lot of ants....and some flies and moths, I would really rather have squirrels and deer and all the treasures you find in your yard ;-)

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

They are pretty - but they are NOT sunflowers! Those are actually safflowers. Sunflowers have a huge center with small yellow petals and safflowers have a small center and big yellow petals (check it out on google) but that is why they didn't grow so big because safflowers are not as tall.

corbinwooten said...

Small, but really pretty!

Our flowers are all struggling right now, too.

Sara said...

Burpee says this variety is a sunflower, not a safflower:

betty said...

What a wonderful summer - full of laughing dogs and laughing sunflowers! Bliss!!!

Lian said...

Lovely sunflower! We used to grow some and it was very successful one year but then the slug ate them all and we now gave up :(

houndstooth said...

Ha! Maybe it's the crazy weather this year that stunted their growth. I tried to grow sunflowers for several years, but always lost the battle to the darned birds!

Dawn said...

The best sunflower patch we ever had was planted by the birds from our feeder (Oilers). We had an excavator level some of the back yard, so it was raw dirt and up sprung many sunflowers which we let bloom. They grew in August and I didn't think they'd bloom before frost but they did, we had a field of them and it was beautiful. Wonder where my photos of that are. The moral of my story is that oilers might be enough..just plant a bunch and if the deer eat some of them that's ok...and you might have time even now to do that.

Sara said...

I think dirt is key! This is very rocky soil. Next year, we'll have to dig down and mix in some good topsoil.

Dawn said...

Not to make you sad or jealous or anything, but Gerry up near Torch Lake Michigan (up near the top of the lower peninsula) just posted a photo of a beautiful sunflower...if you want to visit her blog it's here:

Dawn said...

And seriously...throw some birdseed oilers in the ground somewhere and see what happens!