Tuesday, April 24, 2012

lazy days and a book

Oh tricky t-day, where have you gone?

We've been spending too much time outdoors lately.  Seems to leave no time for tricks.  We do practice agility and rally stuff in the yard.

But mostly, we play and lay.  At least, I try and lay around in my hammock.  Oreo will laze with me on the hammock, but Chewy isn't into "relaxing".

This is what happened after my mishmash photo from yesterday .


Youtube gave me the option of  fixing this video, because they detected it was "shaky".

Duh youtube!  I'm on a HAMMOCK!

Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to read in my hammock.  The last book I finished was, "If Only I Could Talk", by Tony Lewis.

My Dad bought it for me for Christmas.  It is a great book.  It starts off a bit shocking, but I think it is the first dog book I read where I didn't sob at the end (though I did shed a tear or two in a few places). Perhaps, that is because the book is told by the dog, and we all know that dogs see things a bit differently than we do.

It's a cheap kindle book ($2.99) if you're interested.  Even cheaper if your local library has it on their shelf.

Oreo and Chewy both are real close to showing off a new trick.  Maybe next week, we'll be back......


Priscilla said...

Chewy does know how to keep everyone on their toes and he sure knows how to enjoy his life too! The little boy runs so fast, he has very good speed.

Oreo is so cute when he tilted his head; he melted my heart too!

Chris and Ricky said...

Yes, where has tricky t-day gone? You were the most reliable for a really long time. We are working on tricks but I am too lazy to video!

I love your hammock time! So cute to see Chewy stalking birds. Ricky coughs just like Oreo after running hard. What is up with that?

Even with two Shelties, your backyard is so quiet and peaceful.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

We don't sneak up on birds (even imaginary ones) like Chewy -- we charge at them at full speeds!!!!!

You know Oreo was just barking at you at the end of the video to get of "his" hammock!

pooky said...

love when you post videos just to see these two beauties in ..playing, stalking birds, and talking..lol.

Helen said...

It's warm enough to lay out in a hammock? It's been darn chilly and wet here the past few days.

Kristine said...

If I had a hammock and all that nice weather, I don't think I'd do much more than play and lay either. I am very jealous!

Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll have to add it to my list!

houndstooth said...

Chewy could always make a living as a clown if agility doesn't pan out! lol He's a riot!

Diana said...

Are you sure Chewy just wasnt trying to get Oreo to chase him. LOL So much for relaxing huh.

Dawn said...

I agree with Diana, I thought Chewy was luring Oreo so that he'd run and play. Chewy is smart!

Honey the Great Dane said...

We've really slacked off on the trip training as well… My problem is I just can't find any inspiration for new tricks to teach Honey!