Tuesday, April 24, 2012

lazy days and a book

Oh tricky t-day, where have you gone?

We've been spending too much time outdoors lately.  Seems to leave no time for tricks.  We do practice agility and rally stuff in the yard.

But mostly, we play and lay.  At least, I try and lay around in my hammock.  Oreo will laze with me on the hammock, but Chewy isn't into "relaxing".

This is what happened after my mishmash photo from yesterday .


Youtube gave me the option of  fixing this video, because they detected it was "shaky".

Duh youtube!  I'm on a HAMMOCK!

Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to read in my hammock.  The last book I finished was, "If Only I Could Talk", by Tony Lewis.

My Dad bought it for me for Christmas.  It is a great book.  It starts off a bit shocking, but I think it is the first dog book I read where I didn't sob at the end (though I did shed a tear or two in a few places). Perhaps, that is because the book is told by the dog, and we all know that dogs see things a bit differently than we do.

It's a cheap kindle book ($2.99) if you're interested.  Even cheaper if your local library has it on their shelf.

Oreo and Chewy both are real close to showing off a new trick.  Maybe next week, we'll be back......

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm up!

Chewy woke up a bit earlier than I would have liked this morning.  While I lay in bed, wishing he would go back to sleep already, Chewy did this:

-helped himself to a paper towel in a garbage can, and shredded it to pieces
-took socks out of the hamper, ran around the house with them, shaking his head maniacally, then presented the socks to us in bed
-stood on my bedside table and helped himself to some water I had in a cup (slurp,slurp,slurp, slurp, slurp)
-stepped on my head repeatedly

Now, I'm up, intravenously filling my body with coffee, and Chewy is laying down on his bed.

Monday, April 16, 2012

mishmash monday

This is what happens when you try to eat live ants:

Poor Oreo.  I make him pose, and then Chewy keeps walking into the frame:
Chewy's ridiculous tail

at least chewy ducked in this one, and I could try and crop him out

Saturday, April 14, 2012

what dog are you?

The other day, I was watching Chewy be Chewy.  You know ~ running, leaping, spinning, happy, happy, happy.

I said to Jeff, "I'd love to live in Chewy's body for one day."

Jeff says, "Well one of his days would probably be about 10 days of your life."

Not sure about his math (I set up an actual proportion and got 7 days), but I decided losing 10 days to live as Chewy would be well worth it!

Chewy lives life with utter joy.  He's never in a bad mood, and he makes the best of every situation.  Party time.  Carefree.  No worries.

I swear he is a Lab trapped in a sheltie body.

I realized then that I'm much more like Oreo than Chewy.  I think about things, I'm a bit serious, and it takes me a long time to get to know and trust people.  Small talk is not my thing.  I guess you'd say that I have a soft personality.  I'd rather be home than anywhere else.

Jeff said, "I'm not Oreo or Chewy.  I'm a sled dog.  I get hit, but I keep going and going and going ahead." 

I laughed, because he was serious and correct.  He works and works and works ~ at his job, around the house, around other people's houses, even though he is in pain most of the time.  He is definitely a working dog.

I thought about my parents, what dog would they be?

My mom befriends everyone.  Really.  We've had people she met on the city bus over for Christmas dinner.  She'd do anything for anyone.  A people pleaser.  Smart.   Mom has the ability to sniff out a person's whole life history with a few questions.  She has excellent googling and sleuthing skills.  I'm sure she knows things about me that I don't even know.  Mom would be a friendly golden retriever mixed with a bit of bloodhound.

My dad.  Well, he's a bit anal about things.  He's intelligent.  He was bred for endless miles of sprinting.  When not provided an outlet for his mental and physical energies, his behavior rapidly deteriorates.  For example, when we got stuck in a traffic jam, he opted to get out of the car and walk.  Sitting in a car is bad enough, sitting in a non moving car is unbearable for him.  He likes to lead a herd of bicyclists.  Obviously, he's a border collie.

What dog are you?

Monday, April 9, 2012

mishmash monday

It's hard to get two dogs in focus, especially when they are running 70 miles an hour.

Friday, April 6, 2012

real weaves!

Chewy did his first straight up weaves today!


I  think we will still keep working the channel to keep his speed up.  He seemed a bit slow in the straight poles, but maybe that was because he had a very busy day.  I also didn't even notice that ball on the ground until I watched the video!  It was clearly distracting him.

Proud of my boy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

gully & fairy houses

Instead of mishmash this Monday, it is time for a gully update!



If you look real close, there are small buds on the trees.  And did you notice some trees were missing?  Jeff cut down the sumacs a couple weeks ago.

I expect a dramatic change by May 1st!

There are so many things I could/should be doing.  Spring cleaning, raking, school stuff....but why do that when you can make a miniature walkway and stone wall around your fairy door?

And here's a fairy house that I started (i want to make a whole village!).  I would have made more progress,but Chewy kept stealing my building materials.  Hence the lopsidedness.