Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tricky t-day ~ almost there!

Chewy is soooo close to straight up weaves.  For a week, I've had the weaves in the closest notch in the channel.  Then, this weekend, I moved every other pole to center.  He's getting it!  When I put the poles all in a line, he only does the first 2-3 poles, then pops out.  So, we'll keep practicing this version for a week and try again.  If that fails, I'll probably cage in the straight up poles.

I'm really liking his stride between the poles.   He was a bit slower than usual in this video.  After we were done, he peed for, like, half an hour.  Poor thing.  I'm sure he was a bit uncomfortable running thru the poles.

I'm also not minding that he looks for me when he comes out of the poles. Last week in class, he was sooooo obstacle focused. He took off running halfway across the field when he spotted the dogwalk. He ran up and down it twice, while I stood at a jump holding my arm out like a fool. All I could do was laugh.  He can't resist the teeter either. Yesterday, my instructor had to turn the teeter upside down to keep Chewy off it. Even upside down, he still kept running over to it, jumping on it, and trying to create his own obstacle. We also had to cage off the A-frame. ***sigh***  If I could make all this distance look intentional, we could be NADAC stars.

My instructor told me that I need to start naming the obstacles, so Chewy will learn he only goes on it when I tell him to. For now, I am having Chewy do my "criteria", without reward, when he chooses to do the obstacle on his own.

Speaking of choosing, Oreo chose to get out of the car again this week! Only needed a two week break.  Oh, how I appreciate my steady, velcro dog now.


Dawn said...

Perfect music! He's looking like a rock star agility dog there! He sure does get it!

Laughing about the dogwalk and A frame and teeter at school. Katie was like that too. Saw that dog walk and off she went, same with the A frame. Only once ever did the teeter by herself...I think she thought it was the dogwalk. BIG surprise!

Chris and Ricky said...

Chewy looks great with his weaves!! Amazing how dogs learn to do them. I was laughing so hard at your peeing for half an hour comment! Poor boy. When Ricky sees that we are going to do agility, he immediately runs over to the side and relieves himself. HaHa!

Chewy's obstacle focus would make me laugh too. Ricky has forgotten how to watch my motion when we do stuff in the backyard - I laugh too - I'm just so thrilled that he goes off on his own to take jumps.

So happy for Oreo choosing to get out of the car again! A wonderful trick itself!

Priscilla said...

Chewy - a rock star agility dog is born!!!

So glad to hear that Oreo chose to join you all again!

All of you are doing so well, Bravo!

corbinwooten said...

Great progress for all! Love the video, Chewy looks great!

Kathy said...

Good job Chewy big boy weaves! Can't believe how time is flying. Don't be too worried about the obstacle focus he will balance it all out it is a good thing he sure does not seem at all like a dog that is going to ignore you :-). He is going to be a really fun dog!

houndstooth said...

Your videos always make me smile! He looks so enthusiastic about the whole thing!

I'm so glad to hear that Oreo is deciding to go inside more often! :D

Helen said...

Good Job Chewy!! Don't worry about the missed poles, just keep them out a notch. Beckett did the same thing with poles 2 and 3. I e-mailed one of the more well-respected instructors in my area and she said it's not unusual for a young dog to miss poles. They have to learn to collect themselves.

Glad Oreo decided to get out of the car again.

Diana said...

Aweseome weave poles!!!!! Yay Oreo!!!! Life is great!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

The only thing we saw in the video was the food bowl. Was Chewy actually doing something in the video -- we were distracted by the food bowl -- LOL!

Oh, Mommy likes the part about you standing like a fool with your arm over the jump, while Chewy decided to do his own thing. Sounds like Mommy everytime the Ghetto jump comes out in the yard. Our neighbors probably get some great laughs in with Mommy trying to get us to jump over that Ghetto jump. She knows how you feel!

On a side note, not related to this post --- Mommy keeps hearing the song with the lyrics "You make me smile" almost everytime she goes to CVS. She thinks of Misty everytime she hears that song. That must have been the song you used in your tribute video to her. Just thought you would like to know Mommy keeps thinking of Misty - especially when she goes to CVS. (CVS extrabucks make Mommy smile too!)

Ellen said...

Chewy is soooooo fast! Have you ever clocked him? Geesh...what a pooch!

I'm so impressed with all your training of your poochies. Really incredible to watch your videos as see what they do.

Reading about Chewy at his class made me think of how Tucker would be. The same....all over everything. We both have our high energy pups!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Way to go, Chewy!! :-)
(can I send Honey to you to teach her the weave poles? That's something we've never mastered...although I have to admit, we only tried it a bit in beginners class and i don't have a set at home...)

And that's great news about Oreo and the car! :-)