Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tricky t-day ~ almost there!

Chewy is soooo close to straight up weaves.  For a week, I've had the weaves in the closest notch in the channel.  Then, this weekend, I moved every other pole to center.  He's getting it!  When I put the poles all in a line, he only does the first 2-3 poles, then pops out.  So, we'll keep practicing this version for a week and try again.  If that fails, I'll probably cage in the straight up poles.

I'm really liking his stride between the poles.   He was a bit slower than usual in this video.  After we were done, he peed for, like, half an hour.  Poor thing.  I'm sure he was a bit uncomfortable running thru the poles.

I'm also not minding that he looks for me when he comes out of the poles. Last week in class, he was sooooo obstacle focused. He took off running halfway across the field when he spotted the dogwalk. He ran up and down it twice, while I stood at a jump holding my arm out like a fool. All I could do was laugh.  He can't resist the teeter either. Yesterday, my instructor had to turn the teeter upside down to keep Chewy off it. Even upside down, he still kept running over to it, jumping on it, and trying to create his own obstacle. We also had to cage off the A-frame. ***sigh***  If I could make all this distance look intentional, we could be NADAC stars.

My instructor told me that I need to start naming the obstacles, so Chewy will learn he only goes on it when I tell him to. For now, I am having Chewy do my "criteria", without reward, when he chooses to do the obstacle on his own.

Speaking of choosing, Oreo chose to get out of the car again this week! Only needed a two week break.  Oh, how I appreciate my steady, velcro dog now.

Monday, March 26, 2012

mishmash monday

Extreme close ups!

Chewy's tongue hangs out the side of his mouth when he gets really hot.  It cracks me up, and I tried so hard to get a photo of it, but this was the best I could do.  
See his tongue hanging off to the left?

I'll keep trying....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

take time.....

....to smell the flowers!

I'll be seeing lots of flowers at the flower show today, but I even have some in my own yard!  Never had daffodils this early before.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tricky t-day ~ flea

We haven't got this one perfected yet, but I thought I'd show how Oreo is learning to be a "flea".  This is a fun and easy trick to teach, and maybe some of you will give it a try.

Basically, you want the dog to jump up with all four feet.  I've been using my leg as a cue, but haven't been able to fade it yet.  Once I remove my leg, Oreo only lifts his front feet.  I guess some dogs jump straight up naturally, and you could try and capture that.

I apologize in advance for this song being in your head the rest of the day.

Even though Chewy ate the wooden spoon, Oreo is the one who ended up at the vet on Sunday.  Not sure of the cause, but he had issues at both ends.  I got the rice and boiled chicken ready,  However, when Oreo started shivering (my dogs never shiver, even at -15 degrees F), I got concerned.  We wrapped him up in a blanket and he still shivered.

Luckily, the vet was open for another 45 minutes, and they let us bring him in.

At the vet, Oreo got three shots of meds, an IV of fluid, and more antibiotics for the week.  He did have a fever.  Poor thing.

He's much better now.

Monday, March 19, 2012

mishmash monday

Random videos. Kinda need to turn your sound on to get the full effect of the beginning (no dogs barking).

They were eating buffalo wing flavored snyder's pretzel bits.  Yum!

The second half was taken following a trip to the bidet, which was necessary due to some very interesting excrement after eating a wooden spoon that was stolen from the all you can eat buffet (AKA dishwasher).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tricky t-day ~ agility

OK, still no tricks to show.  Now that the clocks are ahead, we may start practicing tricks in the AM again.

I thought I'd show Chewy doing a short jump sequence.  We did the letter "P" in class last week, not sure if I set it up right, but I knew there was a front cross after the first 2 jumps.  I did order the book, that way we can do more practice at home, and give Oreo the chance to play some agility too.

Chewy's start line stay is a work in progress, but we clearly will need one!

You'll see that Chewy is still a baby dog, but I'm amazed at how fast he's learned!

I I know a toy throw would be beneficial for the weaves, but every time I take out a toy, Chewy loses his brain (what there is of one)! I may start experimenting with bait toys.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

brave boy

No tricks yet!

However, I have to share this news ~ Chewy had agility class last night, and Oreo actually CHOSE to get out of the car and go in the building.   He hopped right out of the car before I could even get his leash on.

For the past 4 months or so, I have let Oreo decide if he wanted to come in the building.  Each week, he has  opted to stay in the car.

Yesterday, I gave him many opportunities to change his mind, and was set on putting him back in the car if he showed any signs of hesitation about going inside.

He strolled right in.

My teacher was kind enough to set up a few jumps, and Oreo did a few.  Then, I put him in his crate.

He did a bit of barking when I worked close to his crate with Chewy.

We went outside for a potty break, and again, Oreo willingly went back inside.

After Chewy's class, I decided to see if he wanted to do some agility.  We had been working "letter P" jumping sequences.

At first, Oreo only did two jumps, then went into terrorist scanning mode.  There were other people in the ring.

They left for us, and Oreo happily did the sequence.  I gave him big rewards of chicken and then put him in the car.

Who knows what will happen next week.  We may have another 4 months of him hanging out in the car, which I'm totally fine with.  However, I was so proud of my brave boy.

I know that, for most dogs, getting out of a car isn't a big deal!  Most dogs get excited to go some place new.  But, for Oreo, this was HUGE!

I know that Oreo is never going to "get over" his fears.   There is no magic pill.  That is why every little moment of confidence means so much.

Monday, March 5, 2012

mishmash monday

I took 150 photos during the snow storm. Obviously, there would be several that ended up here in my mishmash folder.
This would have been awesome, if not for the Rudolph the White Nose Reindeer moment!

Love this, but had a foggy/wet lens.  

I tried so hard to get a sweet photo of the two dogs looking cute at the same time.  This was about the best I could do.
Chewy doing his Mr. Ed, the Talking Horse, impression. I can't look at this photo without laughing.

Come on, you have to admit, Chewy does a spot on Mr. Ed!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Guess who's ONE!

Wasn't sure Chewy would make it to "one" without me sending him back!

Not a day goes by where I don't shake my head and say, "Really Chewy?  You think that is appropriate behavior?" Then, I laugh, and say, "It's a good thing you're cute!"

Well behaved dogs are waaaaay overrated.

Here's my wild child's first year, not in any particular order.


I bought the dogs one of these from a local dog bakery, Lazy Dog Cookies, to celebrate:

Wish we could share it with all our cyber friends!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Got snow, got the day off, got a new sled, got one dog who likes to sled, got one dog who likes to chase the sled.

Got video:

the gully





Finally!  Perfect timing too!

It looks like a black and white photo, but it's not!  Pristine.  

Window view: