Thursday, January 19, 2012

weave update

Chewy was working real well on his channel weaves at the widest setting.  I decided he was ready for the next step.

I moved the poles inward to the next slot.  You may not notice a difference, it is quite slight.

At the new setting Chewy did real well inside (for food), but when I brought the poles outside, with a fun toy, things didn't go as well.

Chewy loves his toys, and I was always way too late throwing the toy.  Plus, the fact that I was holding the toy on the same side as the poles, or flailing it around wasn't helping.  It was distracting Chewy.

I really learned a lot about my lack of skills by videotaping.  Luckily, Chewy is a very forgiving dog.

Oreo's acupuncturist asked, "Why does Oreo have a bald spot on his back?"

I think if you watch this whole video, you'll find out....

I'm trying to make weaving as positive for Chewy as possible.  Don't want him to get stressy about being correct.  I'll take my time, and I'm sure his accuracy will improve.  I'd rather him have fun than be perfect all the time.

We also did a channel set at class this week.  That was fun!  Chewy did pretty well.  I think he knows his job is to run between the poles, but still occasionally pops out a bit early.

Chewy is such a goof in agility class.  He LOVES contacts and will put himself in the two on/two off on any equipment available to him.  However, he is having difficulty stopping at the end of the board if I allow him any sort of momentum.  Then, he realizes, "Oops!  I forgot to stop at my spot!" and puts himself back on the equipment in the position.  Adorable!

Our instructor says that as his muscle memory develops, stopping his momentum will be easier.  Boy, will I need him to stop his momentum if I am to catch up with him!

I think we need to start working on the teeter at home.  Sometimes, Chewy is very confident about it, then other times, I see him hesitate at the pivot point. I don't think it will be an issue, but I want to create lots of positive experiences in short spurts.  Hopefully, my teeter isn't frozen to the ground!

Chewy seems to learn a lot from watching Oreo. My plan is to put Chewy in a crate and have him watch to Oreo on the teeter.  I bet that will help a lot!


Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Looks like the food did the trick outside......that is funny watching Chewy and Oreo play - that is what Denny does to Reilly too!

Dawn said...

Well he's sure not afraid of those weave poles, that's for sure! And he's having fun, which is the whole point. So cute he puts himself back in position when he forgets. Such a cute boy! And Oreo is a fantastic big brother, I'm sure he will teach Chewy everything he needs to're probably going to be in BIG trouble! :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I love starting my day with Chewy and Oreo! Puts a smile on my face every time! Chewy is doing great with his weaves and obviously loves to do them. Glad he has so much fun at class. And Oreo and Chewy playing together really makes me want a playmate for Ricky!

Diana said...

He is looking really good. I probably would send him to a target with the food on the target. you can hang back and let him really drive thur the weaves to the target. you can even put a leash on him and they just drop it has he is pulling ahead and you are sure he is going thur the weaves. Then run to the target and give him a few more treats on the target. The only reason Im saying that is he is really focused on your hand and getting the treat at the end of the poles. That can cause early pop outs later on as they anticipate the reward. Once he understands running thur you can start throwing the reward again and he shouldnt be so focused on the toy or treat , he knows it will be at the end when he gets there. It will give you more time to throw too when he understands to drive to the end.
He is really fast, I hope you have rocket boosters on your shoes!!

Sara said...

Thanks for the good tips Diana!

houndstooth said...

Chewy seems like a perpetual motion machine! You're really going to have to work to keep up with that guy, but he looks like he loves those weave poles! Poor Oreo! Yeeouch!

corbinwooten said...

I was going to say the EXACT same thing as Diana :)

Good luck--he'll pick it up quickly I'm sure!

Ellen said...

So he has quickly recovered from the about the hormone change? I can't believe how fast Chewy has become a real grown up looking poochie!!! When I started to read your blog he was a little guy and seeing him makes me realize how fast Tucker will be growing up too.

Your yard is just perfect for your dogs! I wish we had a larger fenced yard. So fun to watch them go full speed!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

this was just great! I don't know a darned thing about agility training and you always have me in complete awe!

About the bald sure were wise naming him "Chewy!" lol

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Sara, that music had Mommy clapping her hands and tapping her feet and wiggling her head! She yelled out an occasional "Hey" at different points in the music. Does chair dancing count as exercise -- because that would probably be Mommy's first attempt at exercising in the New Year! Needless to say -- we watched the video twice! Loved it!

Kathy said...

Poor Oreo although he does not seem to mind, those crazy boys. After watching how Silvia teaches the weaves with the channels and all the wacky entrances right off the bat I do think I will incorporate a little of how she does it next time I train weaves, looks like the channels are working nicely for Chewy what a speedy young man, you are lucky to have two such awesome dogs!!!!