Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tricky t-day ~ hug2

Previously, I've shown both my dogs learning how to "hug" an object.

Now, we've kicked it up a notch!

Oreo is learning how to hug an object while in the sit up/beg position.  Next step....have him catch and hug an object in sit up position!  Of course, that requires me throwing something.  We all know how well that usually goes.

Simply getting Oreo to hug something, in a beg, has been a challenge.  Took me weeks to get him to stop trying to do beg, penguin and hug at the same time!  He kept falling over.  Silvia noticed that if I held a treat to Oreo's nose, he was able to stay still.  She encouraged me to continue doing that until he realized that I was looking for duration without movement.

With that advice, we've made a lot more progress.  We'll put off working on penguin until we have this trick down pat.

Chewy has had the hardest time learning "beg".  For some reason his hind end seems very rolly polly, like a panda. When I asked him to sit up, he would either stand on two legs (something he's very good at), or fall over.  This week, I think he finally is getting it.

I'm also working on having Chewy pick up an object with his mouth and then hug it.

Chewy knows what I want him to do, but is having difficulty with the mechanics.  He keeps hitting the bottle across the room. 

Oh, just watch the video already.

I switched out the bottle for an empty paper towel roll this week.  Chewy is having much more success with that.


Diana said...

LOL, looks great. Java cant sit up and beg either. She just keeps standing up on her back legs.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Chuckles - love chewy doing his pick up and hold - the way he kept using that paw was like "get that thing out my way and just give me the treat" nd Oreo going round and round like a little hawk circling and waiting for a tasty treat to fall. They are both doing awesome with their tricks.

Chris and Ricky said...

Oreo's sit up and hold is awesome!! He has terrific balance! Chewy is coming along and you're right - he knows what to do but can't manage it yet. You are doing a great job of teaching them!

I tried penguin with Ricky and couldn't get any movement at all!

corbinwooten said...

Very nice!

Did you start that by teaching them to cross their legs? Just curious how you laid the foundation.

Oreo's hug is awesome! And I smiled watching him go around and around the table. I'm always amazed at how they know when it's not their turn. My dogs would be throwing themselves all over me to "practice" at the same time.

Sara said...

I shaped them to hug a broomstick. Then moved onto other objects.

My dogs are used to paw tricks, so shapingI this was easy.

Helen said...

I'm surprised you don't have a oval track worn in your carpet, LOL.

I've never had much success teaching my Shelties to "beg". Always found they had a hard time to sit on their haunches, any suggestions?

Sara said...

It is hard to teach some dogs!

For Oreo, I had him sit on my feet, then lured him up. That way he go to use my legs for support.

Chewy, I had him rest his front paws on my arm. Then, gradually faded my arms. We have been working on this trick for MONTHS!

Oreo learned it in one session.

I think certain dogs simply need to build certain muscle strength to do the trick.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

your videos always impress me. Open a training school and we will move and join lol

houndstooth said...

I admit it, I totally gushed over that video! Oreo, I heart you!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Was reading your comments. I totally agree with one of your commenters -- you could open your own training academy one day!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Aww...always love watching them learn stuff! :-) They're both so clever!!

I've always played with the idea of teaching Honey to "Hug" something (from a Sit, not a Beg though - she is simply too top-heavy to be able to balance long in a Beg!) but I'm not quite sure what object to use! I thought of an umbrella as being tall enough - but it's probably too thin for her to get an easy grip and her legs are so long that I don't think she can hold it comfortable close to her body, like Oreo & Chewy can...

Still, you've inspired us to give it another go! :-)