Saturday, January 28, 2012


The weather is beautiful today!  All the snow is gone, and we have sunshine.

Had to get the weave poles outside and see how Chewy would do.

After watching some of Silvia's foundation videos, I've been using two food bowls, one at each end of the poles.  The hard part, for me, is getting to the other bowl before Chewy is done eating the other.  I'm happy with Chewy's progress.

Next, I'm going to try and do some harder entries.  I did one in this video, but I don't think I brought him back far enough, and he missed the entrance.  However, he did line himself up afterward. I'll do better next time.

Both dogs tested positive for anaplasmosis yesterday.  It's a tick borne disease, similar to lyme. Chewy tested stronger for it than Oreo.

The vet prescribed doxycycline for a month. Then, they will have bloodwork to check their white blood cell counts.   The vet was optimistic since we caught it before the dogs were symptomatic.  Still kind of a bummer though.  I had never heard of anaplasmosis, but I guess it may become as big a problem as lyme in my area.


Ellen said...

You certainly get your exercise don't you!

Oreo didn't get to do this...was he watching from a window?

Chewy's coat is really lovely!

Diana said...

Wow, your poor dogs. How did you pick it up? Where they not feeling well?
Chewy looks great.

Sara said...

They went in for a routine snap test,and both came up positive. No symptoms.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I've never heard of that disease either. Do you put flea/tick preventative on them or does that even matter? I hope the antibiotic works well and takes care of it.

Chewy looks great driving through the weaves to the food dish!

Sara said...

I started using advantix this fall, since frontline wasn't doing a thing. I hate putting that stuff on them, but I can't have them, or me, getting sick.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Does that mean they got infected with the anaplasmosis before you used the advantix? I don't like using stuff on Ricky either but you're right - I don't want him to get sick or me.

Sara said...

No way to tell when they got it. All I know is, a few days after putting on the advantix, I never saw another tick on them.

I try and be very diligent about checking them for ticks, and pulling them off as soon as possible. But, I guess nothing is 100% effective.

I'm shocked none of my dogs have ever tested positive for lyme, which is a huge problem around here.

AC said...

Yikes, I'm glad you guys caught the anaplasmosis (never heard of it either) early. Kona is frontlined year round for fleas, but like you said, it doesn't seem to do anything about ticks. Luckily, tick diseases aren't huge out here.

Sam said...

Several dogs here have tested positive for anaplasmosis. The ticks have just been awful this year. I even pulled one off of Marge in December!

I'm sure both dogs will be OK, but I'll be thinking of them as they complete their doxy.

At Marge's next visit, I think I'm going to have them do a tick panel.. she's never had one done, and she's had at least 3 ticks attached to her this year.

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

the new Advantix Multi Plus is really good - especially for shelties. That is what my boys are on and it not only controls ticks and flees but covers them for heart worm and other dose instead on them having to take tablets as well.

Lian said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear the boys got the anaplasmosis, I've never heard of it before but thank God you pick it up quick so hopefully they get treated quickly.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Never heard of that one, mind you Lyme is only just starting to appear round here. I wish our vets would test for it.
Chewie is looking great!

Dawn said...

Chewy must think this is the best trick ever! "All I have to do is run back and forth between food bowls and Mom keeps putting good stuff in there!"

Never heard of this tick disease either but SO glad you got it fast! I have never seen a tick, but Katie did get fleas at the kennel when we were in San Fran in October. Took us weeks to get her and the house clear of them. Can't imagine it's any easier with ticks.

Priscilla said...

I have never heard of this disease either but I'm so glad that the boys are okay now.

I always use Frontline Combo on Eva, it worked well when she was a puppy but lately she will catch it here and there and I don't know why and where she gets those yucky creatures. I think I'd better check it out with the vet during her next visit.

Nicki said...

We see a ton of ehrlichia positive dogs here. Most are never clinical. I wish we didn't even use the snap tests. The dogs stay positive for life and I'm not sure treating an asympotmatic dog even does anything. I don't know as much about anaplasmosis though.

Sara said...

Yes Nicki, I've thought about that.

Having had lyme myself though, and seeing people go undiagnosed and suffer for years, I decided to err on the side of caution.

Nicki said...

That's a good point. Are they expected to test negative or is it like Lyme and ehrlichia where they stay positive along time even after meds?

Sara said...

I don't think there is a definitive answer for that one.

I know when I first got lyme, the hospital didn't even test me, as they said I would test negative, because it hadn't been in my system long enough. They said later on I may test positive, or not. They told me the test is not accurate. Many false negatives and positives. I know I can be reinfected, as I've been put on a short term, mega dose of antibiotics when I found another tick on me, and wasn't sure how many days it had been attached.

It's all very scary, when I see people get really, really sick and then have to take antibiotics for over a year just to feel halfway normal.

I'm assuming anaplasmosis testing is similar.

My vet will be looking at CBC's rather than a snap test next time, to make sure everything looks good.