Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tricky t-day ~ conehead tricks

Well, I was hoping to have a trick mastered by this week.

Alas, we've mastered nothing.  I'm blaming it on the neutering, painting and holiday baking.

So here are some videos of tricks we have yet to master.  Obviously, I haven't mastered cleaning my living room either!

OK, I could have taken the cone off to work on tricks, but it wouldn't have been as amusing. The cone seemed to make Chewy even nuttier about doing tricks. Here is an unedited video of us working on raising diagonal legs (one front, one back opposite sides). It is hard to see him lifting his back leg, but if you check out the floor you'll see only one leg down. We are also working on "bow".

If you're interested, here is the video I submitted of Oreo to Sylvia. It shows Oreo's diagonal legs, and our beginning attempts at "penguin" (where the dog is in a beg position, but steps forward). The penguin is hard for Oreo, because he is so serious about his beg position. We're getting about one step now and again, with me moving the treat to the side.

Here is Silvia's response to our video: Cool, you are sure getting lots of movement in a sit up now! Maybe it’s time to try it on normal floor now, might be easier to get a real step there. He seems to understand it’s about hind feet by now, so going to the normal floor might make the continuation easier. Great diagonal too, you are doing a great job seeing the two legs up with all that fur! Time to start working on duration. Very nice 4on too, you can make it even higher!

She's too kind.


Diana said...

I cant believe Chewy will do all that with that cone on his head. LOL

They both look really good. I think youve been really busy with training too. Wow, I dont know how you do all that.

Dawn said...

Very nice! You know what I just watched? Your 'new yard' video with the two of them running all over. So sweet And the word verification I just got? "cranzy" Close enough to crazy to be appropriate!

Priscilla said...

You're doing an amazing job, Sara! The two boys are the best too!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I laughed so hard watching Chewy do his tricks with the cone! He isn't bothered by it at all - maybe he thinks it is a normal part of life now. LOL! Love his 3-legged bow!

Oreo is doing great and Silvia is super nice but offers good advice. I think I will start teaching 4on and the penguin to Ricky. Thanks for taking the class for both of us - :)

Sophie said...

Chewy is so much more manic than Oreo - maybe it's the cone. He's just hilarious!

houndstooth said...

They both look great, and you can get them to do a lot more than a lot of people can!

Anonymous said...

I get so far behind reading everyone's blogs, and by the time I get caught up, Oreo and Chewy already know a handful more new tricks. You guys are just awesome!

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Mommy thinks Oreo is smarter than her. She read over Silvia's comment twice and still can't figure out what she said. Oreo is so smart knowing exactly what Silvia wants him to do. It sounds so hard -- butt, Oreo makes it look so easy.