Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tricky t-day ~ hold

All of our tricks seem to be works in progress right now.  

One trick I have been trying to teach Chewy for awhiel is stackign one bowl into another.  Oreo learned this fast, but he already knew how to pick something up and "hold" it in his mouth.

Chewy had to start from scratch with "hold".  Oreo took FOREVER to learn that concept, and Chewy seems to be following suit.

Also, like Oreo, Chewy tends to back up a few steps while "holding".

I had to replace the bowl with a lighter, smaller object, and I think he is finally getting it.  

My problem is clicking at just the right moment....adding duration, but trying to click before he drops it. 

I am still a work in progress as well!

Here is where Chewy is today:

Once he learns "hold"...the trick possibilities are endless!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Chewy is doing great, Sara! I wonder why the "hold" concept has been so difficult for Oreo, Chewy and Ricky. It is essential for so many tricks and we still struggle with it. Ricky also backed up at first. Silly dogs!

Dawn said...

Chewy is so big! Is this his full size, do you think? Love Oreo running around and around him, I remember Oreo doing that when you were working with Misty. "HOLD!" is such a hard concept. I don't think Katie would have a clue.

corbinwooten said...

Excellent work!

I've never attempted hold, but I don't see my two getting it at all! My girl doesn't want to put anything in her mouth if I have treats (even her favorite toys!)

Priscilla said...

Chewy is great!

Eva doesn't like to hold anything in her mouth, the things that go to her mouth must be edible!!!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that is the one thing I could never teach Reilly - he just HATES anything in his mouth. Chewy looks like he is picking up that one easily too

Ludo van Doggy said...

Hold was really hard for me too! We is not retrievers. hehe!
Chewie has gotten so big and still just as clever!

Sara said...

I do think Chewy is just about done growing..he's just getting fluffier.

Anonymous said...

Daddy and I are having the same trouble.. I tend to run off with things that he is trying to get me to hold... guess we keep trying! :)


Lassiter Chase and T said...

"Hold" is a hard concept. Mommy keeps saying "hold" still for the picture -- but I always seem to move. She just can't seem to take action shots.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Honey took FOREVER to learn to "hold" as well!

I don't know if this will work for you but with honey, I found that it really helped to type a bit with the thing that she is holding – because she loves to play tug – therefore she was more inclined to want to hold onto it in her mouth, in the hope that I might play tug with her – if that makes sense?

Also, I found that it was much easier to get her to learn it (and to time the clicks) when I left this item on the floor. That way I just had to shape it – first I clicked her just for touching it with her nose, then I clicked her for mouthing it, and then eventually I withheld the click until she actually picked it up. That way I found it much easier to extend the time because she sort of realised that she had to work more and more to earn the click. But she was doing it all voluntarily. I found this much easier to teach the concept then me trying to put something into her mouth. I also found it much easier to extend the time this way . Once she was picking up and holding, I would often give the command "tug" – which Honey knows – so that she thinks that she is holding the item and bringing it to me to play tug – this makes it also much easier when I need her to do a formal retrieve and sit, holding the item, in front of me.

The other thing was, I found it much easier to start teaching the holder using something that Honey really likes to hold in the first place – like a stuffy or something soft and fits in her mouth easily. I don't think it really matters what you use to teach initially – it's just to get the concept of "hold" across – and once they can "hold" one item, they can extend that to other items. But it's much easier teaching it to start with with something that they like to hold in the first place. Also something that is easy to grab and played tug with for a bit – it makes the item they are holding much more valuable and they want to keep hold of it (assuming they enjoyed tug, of course!)


Diana said...

You are so good about teaching your dogs things. All these tricks really teach your dog to think. Great job.

Just Ramblin' said...

Wow! So very cool : ) I am impressed. Your pups are so smart and you are an amazing teacher.

Kristine said...

We have been working on this one for ages as well! It got really frustrating for me as we kind of just stalled at the point you are at now. So I took a long - like four month - break. Perhaps it's time to give it a shot again. Thanks for the motivation!