Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tricky t-day~dancing with dog stars

Well here is our lame entry in Honey's dancing with the doggie stars!

Honestly, we haven't had much time to practice, but I wanted to at least attempt a short routine.


What did I learn?
  1. Oreo has a really hard time stringing tricks together without getting rewarded after each one.
  2. I am a much better dancer when I don't have a dog partner!
  3. Freestyle is waaaaaaay harder than agility!
  4. I may be able to "wing it" when it comes to lesson plans for school, but not so much when it comes to a dance routine.  
  5. A really, really, really cute puppy interferes with training time!
    I know we have no shot of winning (I mean three year old flip flops hardly count as a costume), but I didn't want to let Hsin-Yi down by not even making an attempt.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else's routines!


    Priscilla said...

    Sara, that's a beautiful dance of you and Oreo! It's so sweet. Both of you did so well and I love the song.

    Kathy said...

    FANTASTIC dance, very creative and such a nice job. Sounds like you learned a lot too! I really enjoyed watching ;=)

    Dawn said...

    Well, if smiles count, you win! I was smiling thru the whole thing!

    Anonymous said...

    I like your dance. I really like the part where Oreo claps hands with you (like a high-5 with both paws). That was a really great trick. I entered the contest too but I don't know how to do a lot of tricks. I don't even know how to do leg weaves yet. Wow you can even do leg weaves backwards too! Congratulations. From, Lassiter Chase the Sheltie

    Honey the Great Dane said...

    Oh my goodness, Sara - you call that "lame"??!! :-) You must be the world's harshest self-critic & perfectionist!! I think that was a great routine, especially considering how little time you've had to practice and all the distractions from little Chewy! There are people I know who COMPETE who would kill to be able to rustle up a routine like that in such a short time!! :-)

    And thank you so much for making the effort to enter & support our contest - I really appreciate it!! :-) Yes, I think it would be great if you continued to polish it when you have more time and maybe incorporate even more of Oreo's tricks in it - he knows so many good ones!

    ps. it was very interesting reading about what you learnt from the experience too! Especially compared with Agility - when we tried out Agility, I did feel that when it comes to 'motivation', getting your dog to run & follow you over obstacles was easier because they found that self-rewarding - compared to getting them to focus on you & do tricks in a controlled sequence, in time to music (never mind trying to do it without treats in a real competition)! Of course, Agility has other challenges which make it hard too but this 'motivation' waspect was what really struck me - so it was interesting to hear the opinion of a more experienced Agility person like you! :-)

    Ricky the Sheltie said...

    I loved your dance routine! The music was perfect and Oreo did great without treats after every trick! Congratulations on doing the freestyle routine! I did not do one and am feeling guilty but hey. And I don't even have the excuse of a new puppy. Good job you guys!

    Amy Wood said...

    I enjoyed watching your dance routine! Great job Oreo! Good luck!
    I could see how a cute puppy could be a distraction :)

    ♥I am Holly♥ said...

    That is a wonderful dance routine!! Oreo and you are great!!! I know it has got to be very hard to do and you suceeded!!! Great video! Lots of love, Holy & Mom

    Bailey said...

    I thought it was wonderful. I loved the leg weave. Bailey would have knocked me on my bottom. You two were well coordinated.

    Ludo van Doggy said...

    Aw, that was great, really sweet with some lovely original moves in there.
    I'm struggling with my movements. We've recorded a few times and I just stand there like a lemon wondering if Ludo is actually going to to the trick. lmao. So you've done way better than us!

    Diana said...

    WhooHoo, that was awesome!! I really enjoyed it.

    houndstooth said...

    I think it was great! Oreo really has some moves, you just need to stand there and look good! :)

    Sophie said...

    That was too cute! You and Oreo dance so adorably together :)

    I need to get on and teach Lola some of the things I have in mind so we can start stringing fun routines along too!

    parlance said...

    Hey, that was not lame! I had to keep replaying it to figure out how you did that thing where you would turn one way and then go back and Orea followed you. Was it simply a command to stay close?

    The other thing is, so many entries involved that backward weave, and one of you at least just HAS to post how to do it, because I can't figure out how to build from the forward weave to the backward one. Given that we know backing and weaving, it has to be some simple explanation...

    Sara said...

    The move where he switched sides is somthing I taught through perch work. He would put his front feet on a stool, facing me, then I would have him turn one way and hit my left leg, then turn the other way and hit my right leg. Eventually, we moved off the stool and I gave each side a command (heel & knee).

    This really helps with the backward weave as well, because you can tell them to goto a certain side of your leg.

    Honestly, the backward weave took a LONG time and we are still working onit. I think it took ME a month to figure out which side the dog should be on when ecah leg is forward.

    Kasha The Dainty Great Dane said...

    Way to go Oreo!! I love that patty cake trick..you are way more talented that you give yourself credit for!!

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

    DianeTaylor said...

    Hi Oreo (nice name!) - I loved your routine - you can really dance! I follow Honey's blog and my human Diane loved watching every single entry. My name is Indiana "Bones" Taylor, I'm a 2 year old chocolate lab from Maryland. You did fantastic!! Notice that I did not enter the contest - I think my humans need to get up off the couch and teach me doggie dancing (they are LAZY I tell you).

    Nicely done!!! It is very nice to meet you :)

    Indy Bones