Saturday, June 25, 2011

spam? and rally stuff

An anonymous commenter has continuously left me this comment:

Rihtaš mal? Rihtaš?

I've tried google translator to see what it translates to (although, I'm not even sure what language it is), but nothing comes up.

Anyone know?
Chewy at the farm today.
Brought Oreo to a rally class today.  There was a USDAA trial going on down below, and it was a big two ring trial.  This set Oreo off from the get go.  He saw all the RV's, and knew right away that lots of people would be around.  Luckily, our class is held inside the building.

Our first time in the ring didn't go so well.  Oreo couldn't focus on me much.  He kept looking toward the people and open door which looked out over the parking lot/food truck.

Our second try, I shut the door and our instuctor brought her dog in the ring.  She worked her way around the course as a judge would, but with her dog on leash.  This helped Oreo immensely.  We've tried this before, even had the whole class stand against the wall with their dogs.  For some reason, if Oreo knows the people are hanging out with their dogs, he can relax a bit, because he feels their focus isn't on him (or at least that's my read).

I would never have tried this tactic, but am so glad I did when the instructor suggested it.  She felt Oreo's issues were mostly with people, not dogs.

You would think Oreo wouldn't want the other dog so close to him, but other dogs don't seem to bother him, as long as they are not seeking interaction.  I feel dogs can sense another dog's needs better than people can.  I don't have to tell dogs, "please ignore Oreo!"  They know it already.

My instructor said that I should ask for a modification in the rally trials.  I should ask the judge to be in the ring with another dog!  I wish they would go for that!  If dogs could have an IEP like my special ed students, I would surely put it in there as a testing modification.


browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Since I'm a dog, I can't help with the translation.

My Humans think that we're a lot like horses. I can't figure that out. She says we get a burr under our tail about the stangest things. Some dogs are totally dog distracted. Others suddenly get irrational fears of certain things. I've known dogs terrified of kids!

She says she had a horse once that wouldn't cross a white painted curb and another that was afraid of the way the morning sun reflected off a metal door.

Sigh, I'm not like that. If my Human goes there I figure it's okay.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Sophie said...

Sounds like the strange comment is just nonsense spam. :)

It's strange what upsets our dogs and what doesn't, isn't it? Lola, who used to be really enthusiastic to greet and play with other dogs, now barks at them more than she does at people. She prefers older people over kids, females over males, and slow-moving/quiet people over fast-moving/loud people.

Yet people who jog or cycle past us have never really bothered her at all, so I have high hopes for when she's old enough to take jogging.

houndstooth said...

I does sound like an IEP issue! He almost sounds a little autistic in that way. We had a Greyhound, our second, who I always felt a little that way with. He was VERY bonded to our other Greyhound and me, but he didn't seem to truly grasp how to interact with other dogs, and other dogs seemed to sense it. It always fascinated me.

I'm pretty sure that comment was Slovenian. I think mal translates to bad or evil, but I'm not certain. I have a good friend who's Swedish, and he was in Slovenia not long ago. He speaks quite a few languages, so I sent him a message and asked him if he knows what it means. If he can tell me what it means (since I couldn't find a full translation) I'll let you know! A funny thing is that when I searched, I saw a lot of other blogs asking the same question as you!

♥I am Holly♥ said...

That comment sounds crazy and probably is! We used to get comments like that and finally had to moderate the comments because some were getting really bad. Love the pictures!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Diana said...

Who would have thought adding a dog to the ring would help Oreo. Maybe you should bring Chewy in the ring.
I get a lot of spam comments. I just delete them.

Kathy said...

I wonder if experimenting around with having friends dogs like at ring side would help Oreo. Maybe he just takes his cues from the other dogs that things are alright. I have taught all my dogs to swim by having dogs that love the water with them, they see the other dogs feeling ok and they are ok. I want to experiment with that with Lizzie who loves kids, and cricket who is terrified, I would love to see if Cricket could pick up on Lizzies comfort level. I guess Oreo feeling better with other dogs around makes sense to me, very cool tool.

Sam said...

I googled it, and it seems your not the only blog getting it. I wonder what it means?


Priscilla said...

I received this once but since I didn't even have a clue what language it was, I just deleted it.

Amy Wood said...

Cute pics of Chewy! He sure is growing so fast!