Sunday, June 5, 2011

nothing to write home about

Well, our trial was nothing to write home about.  Oreo did well, but he wasn't all that into it.  He ran slower than in May, but not his slowest ever.  

The main difference from the last trial was where I set our stuff up.  Last time, we were right near the ring. This time, I parked far out.  I think Oreo does better when we are near the ring, even though you would think the opposite is true.  Maybe he needs to be able to see me when I go wandering around and work in the ring?

We did two back to back standard runs.  Oreo did some looking around, and went around a jump.  Our second run was faster, but the judge started waving bugs away as Oreo was finishing up the weave poles, and he popped out.  I thought it was something I did, but later people told me she was really flailing her arms about.  Funny thing, she was so busy getting rid of the bugs, she didn't notice Oreo popped out.  So we Q'ed that run. 

I scratched our jumpers run.  Even though that is always Oreo's best run, I could tell he was wiped out, and not in the mood to be dealing with all the people (even though it was a small trial).

Chewy, on the other hand, had a complete blast!  He played with a ton of people and dogs.  Everyone kept saying, "Wow.  He's fearless".

I put him on the measuring table and let him sniff out the measuring thing (I'm sure it has a name).

Chewy does get startled/curious by various things on the ground, so I am working on making plastic bags, manholes, pizza box flying off the picnic table, etc. fun things.
I plan on bringing both dogs to several trials the next few months, as spectators.  For the July DOCNA, I'll try setting us up near the ring again and see if that lowers Oreo stress level.

Chewy & Oreo played a lot when we got home.  Best stress reliever for Oreo.


Dawn said...

Well, not every trial will be great. But each is another life experience for Oreo, and for Chewy too!

I think that measuring thing is called a wicket. Don't know for sure as I've never seen one...but I think that's what I heard somewhere.

Sam said...

Dog's have off days to someday's! The important thing to remember is that you both had fun and got to spend a pawesome weekend together! Next time will go much better. When does Chewy get to start?


LauraK said...

Dawn is right, it's a wicket- and they can kill dogs if you haven't heard :) Riley thinks they are the most terrible thing ever!

Sorry Oreo was not at his best yesterday, but at least you can recognize what stresses him out- that's the good thing! Glad the boys were able to blow off some steam and play when they got home, I'm sure they crashed after that busy day!

Reilly / Bree said...

Maybe Oreo is just enjoying playing with Chewy more and having fun at the moment. He is still a young dog and with his new confidence - he will settle down as Chewy gets older and they can both work on agility and trials.

Bailey said...

Sorry he had an off day. It sounds like he and Chewy enjoyed their time together though.

Priscilla said...

The boys are learning from each other. Oreo is getting more confident and Chewy will follow his big brother.
And you'll be busier and busier, : )

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We are sorry that Oreo had an off day. He probably got stressed out with too many people there. I know last week I took Holly out for a ride and she really was having an off day because she growled and barked at everybody and every single dog. Totally unlike her too. I bet people wanted to just grab Chewy!! They both are lovely dogs and so very beautiful. Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Amy Wood said...

Sorry to hear your run with Oreo wasn't as good. Hopefully attending the future trials as spectators will help his stress level. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

betty said...

Oreo had some fun but it sounds as though he was looking forward to getting back home and playing with his baby brother. How wonderful that he is getting more confident. Chewy is fun.
I did my homework and now know what a measuring "wicket" is.

Kathy said...

Was the temperature any different from Mays trial. maybe Oreo feeds on the excitement of being in the thick of things and seeing the other dogs running in addition to you being closer?

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo and Ricky both want to keep us guessing as to which agility dog will be at the trial with us - :)

So glad Oreo has Chewy for stress relief!

Diana said...

Trials are so up and down for a lot of us. I just dont get it. LOL Im glad Chewey had a great time. They, Oreo and Chewy, are just so cute together.

Sara said...

The temps may have been a bit warmer, but completely tolerable.

houndstooth said...

We all have off days sometimes. I think the less than great days are to make us appreciate the really good ones! Chewy's really growing! I can tell in that last picture of him standing next to Oreo.

Sophie said...

Poor Oreo! Every dog has his day - and his off day, too.

Something you could try with Chewy and his fears is shaping his interactions with them, if you don't already :) I've had to do it quite a lot with Lola - now, when she spooks at something, she'll usually recover and go to sniff it and then turn expectantly at me for her treat (which beats her running in the opposite direction!).

Sam said...

I wonder if being near the ring helps him to acclimate himself to the sights and sounds of the trial so they're not a big deal when he runs.

Have you tried covering his crate? That's something I do with Marge so that she doesn't spend all her time looking for me.

Doesn't sound like a bad trial at all. And good for you for Q'ing on that run where the judge flailed her arms -- she should know better than to do that, it's unfair!!