Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tricky t-day ~ sit, down, paw, silliness

OK, here are Chewy's official first tricks.  "Sit", "paw", and we just started working on "down", for which I'm still using a lure.

Oreo also created his own trick, which you'll see at the end of the video.

Chewy gets VERY excited when I bring out the zuke's bag!


Chewy's foot is doing much better.  I did bring him to our rehab vet yesterday. I really trust her ability to analyze my dogs' pain level and pinpoint the problem ~ his index toe on his left front foot.

Upon exam, she determined an x-ray was warranted. She did an overhead with the regular x-ray machine,
but had to use the dental x-ray machine for a closer view, because Chewy is so darn little.

Unfortunately, she couldn't determine if there was indeed a fracture. She was a bit peeved, because she likes to give a conclusive diagnosis. However, she said the dental x-ray showed a suspicious area, so we were going to treat it as if it there were a fracture.

Options? Splint, or let heal on it's own.

She recommended letting it heal without the splint. It has already begun to heal, and she was happy to see that no pieces have broken off.  

Timeline....about 10 days.

She realizes Chewy will be difficult to slow down, and told me to simply do the best I can.  Don't let him do anything crazy. Ice/heat as needed, do range of motion stuff, and try some metacam for three days.

Overall, I feel like I was doing what I should be doing the past few days, and the vet said, "You've been trained well."

The good news is Chewy is becoming very familiar with the vet's office, and he thinks it is so much fun.  They even gave him a new toy to bring home.

One of the vets saw Chewy getting x-rayed, and he said, "If you rub a balloon on him, he'll stick to the wall,"  because Chewy's fur stands straight up in the air, like he's got an electric charge.  Too funny.

It is supposed to rain, rain, rain the next few days, so that will make it a bit easier to keep his running to a minimum.  Don't think I'll be able to keep him from jumping on Oreo's head though.  That is his favorite past time.

Didn't I say this dog was going to end up in the ER?  Although, I didn't think it would be this soon! 

Chewy's motto,"Play hard, and then play even harder."


Diana said...

Poor Chewy. I guess he will have to be on leash in the yard for a little while. He wont like that.LOL But its only 10 days. Thats nothing for an old pro like you. Did I say "old", thats not what I meant. LOL Remember dogs wont protect there limbs they way we do. So he will still want to do all the crazy stuff and you will have to not let him. LOL I see lots of chew toys in his furture. Hey maybe thats why his name is "Chewy". LOL

Diana said...

I forgot to watch the video. Chewy is just tooo cute. He seems like a really smart and quick learner.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Chewy is doing great with his new tricks! Oreo is beyond cute with putting his paw on his brother! I see amazing double dog tricks in the future!

Aww..it's too bad that the vet thought Chewy might have broken his toe. It's good that it is already healing on its own though. I hope he is not really going to end up at the vet's all the time. :) Better get pet insurance if you haven't already!

Dawn said...

Chewy is sooooo cute!!! But I also love how patient Oreo is while you're giving treats to Chewy, especially at the beginning. The end looked like he was giving Chewy some advice, "stick with me kid" or maybe (probably)..."HEY! settle down and share some of those treats!"

Glad Chewy is feeling better...hope it heals fast, cause you're not going to be able to keep that puppy quiet!

Reilly / Bree said...

Maybe you should of called Chewy "Fearless" - he is amazing! My goodness I think he is going to keep you so busy thinking up new ways to teach him and keep him out of trouble. Pet insurance is the way to go for sure - I would be in the poor house without it !!

Priscilla said...

Hope Chewy's little toe is on the mend and he has a speedy recovery.
Little Chewy is so good at his new tricks, what a clever puppy, he learns fast, doesn't he?
It seems Oreo was trying to tell his mom that he could do those tricks much better than the little fellow. He was so eager to join the games too.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Well done Chewy! I laughed at the end, Oreo's trick was great and I liked how Chewy bit his paw.
I hope he isn't too much trouble to keep calm!

MB said...

Chewie is so ridiculously cute, how do you make yourself leave for work in the morning??

♥I am Holly♥ said...

I hope Chewy's litle toe heals really soon! He is just so cute! I love the video and laughed so much seeing Oreo put his leg over Chewy and running around to make sure he was in the spot for a treat!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Freda said...

Chewy and Oreo will soon have you doing the tricks and getting the treats. It looks great fun. Thanks for posting all the videos...... your blog makes me smile. Every Blessing

Bailey said...

We are sorry you hurt your foot chewy. We hope you feel better soon.

-Katy & Bailey

Kathy said...

Chewey is ADORABLE and doing so well. Oreo was trying so hard to do the trick too, bless his heart, he is such a sweetie. Tell Chewey he is not supposed to start injuring himself so early in life ;-), tell him time enough for that later on... but on the plus side it sounds like he is getting excellent socialization at the vets. so glad it sounds easily taken care of....well, guess keeping him quiet for ten days can not be that easy, especially with is little springy legs, LOL.

Jules said...

Poor Chewy! I hope he heals quickly!

Rob said...

I think Oreo is telling Chewy to sit down or we won't get a treat.

Helen said...

Chewy has a nice Sit. I love the trick Oreo made up.

I think it's a good choice to let the toe heal without a splint, if he really doesn't need it. Puppies heal so quickly. I was nearly in tears again when they took off Beckett's splint as his poor little leg was so underdeveloped and it was a couple weeks before he could put a lot of weight on it, even longer before it didn't bother him.

Sara said...

Yea, I read all sorts of horror stories about splints, and was happy to hear my vet's recommendation. Chewy is definitely getting better. On friday, he wouldn't put any weight on it, and today, he's not holding it up at all.

If it was a bad break, not a hairline fracture, I think we'd have had to go with the splint.

houndstooth said...

We just went through a broken toe with a full grown dog! I don't envy you that at all!

That video is a riot! It was all cute, but Oreo making Chewy sit at the end completely tickled my funny bone!

Lian said...

Chewy's little video made me laugh so much. He is so cute and keen. I wish my puppy is greedy so I can start doing some clicker training with him.

Sorry to hear about Chewy's paw, hope he is ok. A livewire to slow down is not easy but like the vet said, do what you can. Hug to Chewy

Sophie said...

Poor Chewy! Silly puppies don't know when to stop, a lot of the time.

His tricky t-day video was absolutely adorable though, and I loved Oreo's contribution at the end. :) Clever boys.

Marie said...

While Chewy's tricks look great, I have to say my favorite is Oreo's trick at the end. Too cute!

I hope you can manage to keep Chewy calm for long enough to heel up that foot. Puppies are so hard to keep quiet.

Amy Wood said...

Sorry to hear about Chewy's toe. I've seen in later posts he is doing better, so that is good. Hope he grows out of the motto. ER trips are no fun.