Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tricky t-day ~ flip flop

I saw Ricky do this trick a long time ago, was impressed, but thought, "That's too hard to teach."

Silvia Trkman said the dog should learn it in 4 sessions.

Yea, try 14 sessions! With lots of patience, Oreo and I finally figured it out.

Ricky calls it "cop, cop", we call it "flip flop". Basically, the dog walks with his front feet on top of your feet.

In this video, you'll see the overachiever in me come out. I attempt the trick in reverse....

Oreo must like this trick, because he wanted to do it during our rally class when we were in the ring with all our classmates practicing out new moves (pivot 90 and 1,2,3 steps forward). I think it is a useful trick for trial sitations, because he can feel safe between my legs.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Wow!!! Good job Oreo!! It took me way longer than four sessions to learn that trick (don't tell Silvia)! And going backwards was very difficult for me. Oreo stays at it a lot longer too - I think if I go a couple steps, it's time for my treat!

See, not too hard to teach! You did it!

How do you always find the perfect music for every video? That is a trick all in itself!

Sara said...

Often, the perfect song pops in my head. When it doesn't a good search on itunes usually does the trick :)

Diana said...

LOL, Well done!!!

Reilly / Bree said...

That was pawsome and look at your attention - focusing on your treats (I mean your Mom) like that - great job! I think I would squish my Mom's feet if I tried that!

Priscilla said...

It's amazing and wonderful, Oreo! What a clever boy you are!
I still think it's very hard to teach and it actually takes skills but it looks so interesting.
The concentration and eagerness of you made the video so beautiful too.

Kathy said...

You guys have done really fantastic with that trick! Good job!

houndstooth said...

That is a really cute trick! I'm not sure I want to try it with our German Shepherd, though! lol

Amy Wood said...

Great job! Oreo sure does a lot of neat tricks. Your videos always look so nice. What kind of camera do you use?

Lian said...

Brilliant! Clever Oreo! He is so happy doing the trick!

Sara said...

I use a JVC HD everio.

Amy Wood said...

Thanks Sara!

Sophie said...

Woah, that's impressive! I tried it once with Jess, and she was too dopy to get it really. :) She's better with luring than shaping, and it seems like something you have to shape more than lure?

I'd love to try it with Lola! Though I'm not sure how to break it down, really!

Sara said...

I did shape most of it, although I lean and use my hand for Oreo's rt. foot.

Here are the steps:

1. lure dog between legs, reward for staying there
2. click for movement of front feet
3. click for stepping on feet
4. click for keeping paw on your feet

5. click for keeping paw on foot when moving
6. add more steps

Honey the Great Dane said...

Aww - what a cute trick!!! Just love it! And it's perfect timing coz a friend of mine just asked me how to teach this so I will direct her to your blog! :-)

By the way, I can't believe Silvia said that??!! Hah! I'll bet she's never trained a Dane or other big mastiffy-breed (or a Basset Hound or other slow, ponderous dog) - to come out with a comment like that!