Sunday, February 6, 2011

you know it's 33F when....

You know the thermometer has reached 33F in upstate NY when:
  • You see someone riding a motorcycle.
  • Every other home you drive by has a ladder leaning against its roof. 
  • There's a river running through your mudroom (hence, the ladders to remove melting snow off roofs)
  • People are out walking everywhere (why drive to pick up a 24 pack of beer when you can walk)
  • You smell BBQ.
  • Frat boys are wearing shorts.
  • You are surprised that Panera's still has "seasonal" chili available.
  • People are smiling, as they chip away at icy sidewalks.
  • There are green buds on your lilac bush!  Yes, really!
  • You step outside and say, "Wow, it's nice out!"


Helen said...

And here I thought only the Canadian male wore shorts when the temperatire was just above freezing, LOL :-)

Warm here too today but overcast.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

LOL! The "you smell BBQ" really got me!!

Seriously green buds on your lilac? I was just outside and should've looked at mine but I am not putting boots, ski pants, coat, hat, ear muffs, and gloves back on right now to go and see - LOL!

Diana said...

LOL, thats all just to funny. If it were 33 degrees here we would be unhappy. But since sun came out for the first time in a week, so we are very happy.

Kathy said...

hahahaha, and here I was thinking OOOOH NOOOOOOOO it is 33 degrees and I was ready for a post about how freezing it was, so when I read about the motorcycles and people walking it took me a minute to figure out you live in a different place and have a different definition of cold then us SO CAL people do, LOL! We would really be whining and whimpering with 33 degree temps, but glad you are enjoying them!!!

Dawn said...

Husband and I both said "it's really NICE out!" when we brought the Katie-dog back inside after forays out today. Sad isn't it. I'm sure we don't have any green leaves coming out on anything though. And we didn't see sun today either...due for more snow tonight.

Priscilla said...

I wish I could send you some of the warmth from here.
With the 33 degree that you have,you smell BBQ and some people are wearing shorts, I'm wondering what we should put on now, it's 90 degree here :)