Thursday, February 3, 2011

what would happen....

Today, I had my kids doing a reading comp. exercise about Groundhog Day. As an anecdote, I told my students about a story I had read about last year's Groundhog Day. Apparently, one of the groundhogs had bit the mayor of NYC.

"Why?" my ever inquisitive, let's get off topic student, asked.

"Well, because he's a wild animal, and they aren't used to being handled. It would be like you touching a wild raccoon." 

I mentioned "raccoon", because we had a long Q/A about raccoons before.  There is a poster of one hanging in the room, with some sort of inspirational message, but the raccoon creeps us out. 

"What would happen if I touched a raccoon?" he asks.

"Um, he'd probably bite you."

"Why?" he asks.

"Well, the raccoon would feel threatened and react.  He's not used to being touched by humans."

That led to yet another question, "What would happen if the raccoon bit me?"

"You'd have to go to the hospital, have the wound cleaned, probably get a tetanus shot, some antibiotics, and maybe a rabies shot." I explain.


Are you kidding me?

Blah, blah, germs, blah, blah, infection.

He looks at me, nodding his head.  I can see his next question formulating in his brain.

"What would happen if I bit the raccoon? Would he get sick?"

I ask, "Why would you bite a raccoon?"

No answer, just another question,"Would he die?"

OMG.  This kid kills me.  Every class, he asks me 20 questions, drives me nuts.  But, he asks with such sincerity and inquisitiveness, I have to play along.


Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

You're a very good sport! Sometimes when I'm in an anthropomorphizing mood I wonder if the dogs want to ask us never ending questions like that.LOL

"Why do I have to put my front feet on the box? What happens if I just put one foot? What happens if I sit on the box? How 'bout if I run around the box?"

It's all offers, not the offers I am wanting but offers w/ with, "such sincerity and inquisitiveness, I have to play along."

Leave it to me to turn anything into being dog relevant.LOL You're very patient and must be a great teacher!

Diana said...

Lol, I'm surprised one of the kids didnt say "what would happen if I bit YOU?" to the student asking the questions.

Sara said...

LOL. I'm surprised too!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

LOL! You're such a good sport to play along! At least you keep their attention even if it's on biting raccoons!

Dawn said...

Yea...but what WOULD happen...would it DIE? :)

Sara said...

Dawn, don't encourage him :)

Yes, he may die.

madcobug said...

Teachers go a long way with this type of student. Makes me think of when children are small everything you tell them there is always a why answered back. You did good in explaining all that to one student but I am sure they all benefited from the questions and your answers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara
You're not going believe this..but I actually have a quote permanently etched in my mind on this one (I like my old French Poets & writers!) Anyway, Anatole France once said "The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of the young mind for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards." I have a few weird sayings in my memory like that..maybe that one was meant to be shared with a teacher who should be congratulated on how good she must be at her job! If you get asked question after question with sincerity..I reckon you are doing something very right!But if its not well meant and disturbing the could always ask him (as a special fact-finding mission!) to find out the answer and share it with the class the next day...I reckon he'll soon stop.
Thank you for your comment on my post and explanation on Tricky T-Day...Duh! I get it now! I misunderstood the word 'Trick' and have revised my whole Post because of it. I might have got into a real pickle without this 'lightbulb is now on' moment due to your comment! Thanks....sorry about the monster storm snow with you...its sunny here!:) Vikki & Zola

Kristine said...

Children are always surprisingly funny! You are definitely very patient to answer his questions so thoughtfully. Probably why you are a teacher.

And I am not.

I wonder what raccoon tastes like... I'm kidding. Of course. ;-)

Sara said...

Love the quote!

MB said...

Miles's questions right now are all "how do they make"... How do they make roads, how do they make cars, how do they make bodies (an interesting variation on where do babies come from). I think he'd enjoy your class.