Monday, February 7, 2011

misty monday~first photo

This is the first photo I ever took of Misty !  It was her first day (labor day weekend, 2000) in our house.  This photo was probably taken within an hour of her arrival. Quickly, she figured out who was the best source of table food.

Look at Misty already batting her eyelashes at Jeff.  Jeff must have given her pieces of that hot dog roll.  That would explain why she was always fond of bread.  Actually, Misty was fond of any food, except green peppers.  Raw asparagus was one of her favorites.

I remember being so excited to get a photo of  TWO dogs together in my house!  Heaven!
You can see Munchkin's scar on his back, from where he suffered traumatic wounds from a dog attack.  He was able to regenerate new skin, but fur never grew in.  This photo was taken recently after he had healed.  Later, after his fur grew in around the scar, we were able to do a nice "comb over", and the scar wasn't visible.  I used that scar to determine which dog was which in the dark.  It was such silky smooth skin. I had to put sunblock on it in the summer.

Whenever I see Oreo's two white patches on his back, I think of them as Munchkin's angel wings.  Weird that the white patches are in the same location as Munchkin's scars, huh?

I guess this is a Misty & Munchkin day.  Only fair.  Without Munchkin, I never would have had Misty.

Misty lovers, make sure you keep stopping by on Mondays!  I've found some real gems (both photos & videos) to show you!  One video I didn't even know I had....but I'm going to make you wait for that treasure.


LauraK said...

Thanks for thinking of our Penny girl- you are too sweet! I do think of Misty often- kind of funny how blogs bring people together :)

I love all of this post- especially Misty's sweet face and Oreo's angel wings from Munchkin, that is too cool! Thanks for sharing, it made me smile :)

madcobug said...

Misty looks so cute looking at Jeff for a tidbit. Poor Munchkin getting torn up like that. Odd about Oreo's white spots being in the same place as those scars. I hate when larger dogs get a hold of smaller dogs. Helen

Diana said...

Great memories and that you have pictures too! I didn't take a lot of dog pictures a few years ago , just kid pictures. Boy things have changed. Thanks for the happy misty memories, I think it helps all of us who care about you and misty.

Helen said...

Nice to have the photos of days gone by. I should take more photos especially with digital.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's so special to see Misty's first photo in your house ever! She did learn who to beguile quickly! Smart girl!

Oreo was definitely meant to be your dog - how weird about the white patches and I love that you think of them as Munchkin's angel wings!

Reilly / Bree said...

We love this tribute you are doing for Misty, I wish we had known about her sooner but this way she is still with you. Love Oreo's white angel wings, he for sure has a little of Munchkin in him.

Kathy said...

OOOh it looked like Misty just walked into your house and felt at home, she sure looks at home if that was her first photo. Neat about Oreos white patches matching up, what are the chances of that???

Priscilla said...

What a lovely first photo!
Misty had already settled right in the minute she walked int your house. You can just see it in her face..that trust, and adoring look at Jeff. Beautiful.

I would say, Oreo came by fate. God gave you Oreo, and with him, you will always remember Munchkin with those angel wings :)

Dawn said...

This is so special. She looks like she's been there forever... :) And good to see Muchkin too...what a sweetie! Oreo is for sure a gift to you, to remind you of the other loves in your life.

Sam said...

I just love that you're sharing all of these memories with us. I think Misty begging like that right after you brought her home was a sure sign of things to come. :)

Sophie said...

Misty obviously knew, immediately, that the best way to get food was to look as cute as possible: and she did it well!

Like other commenters, I love that Oreo has the patches in the same place as Munchkin's scars. They really are his wings. :)

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh I'm glad yuo're doing these Misty Mondays - what a great way to remember her by!

And what a sweet picture - yeah, I can just see her batting her eyelashes - ha! ha!

Honey also has a scar on her side where she was attacked and the fur has never grown back. It's a shame as it ruins the sleek look of her coat but oh least it's a relatively small one.