Friday, February 11, 2011

I don't get it

I bought this shirt at Target. Cute, right?
I tried it on at home, and found it was a little bit bigger than I'd like. No big deal, I can take it in at the side seams. Right?
Well, upon further inspection, I realized that would be impossible. There is a zipper on the side seam. It doesn't go all the way to the armpit, or all the way to the bottom hem.
What the heck is this zipper for?

Jeff decided it was for when you "needed to get some air." 

As if it were a car window?

I said, "Or for when I want to get arrested for indecent exposure."

My initial thought was the zippered opening should make the shirt easier to put on.

Tried it. Wasn't any easier. I ended up slipping my arm in the hole, rather than the sleeve.

I went to Target's website to see if it would offer any clues.

Surpisingly, the description read, "zipper entry."

Huh? I'm pretty sure my head goes through the top of the shirt, not the side.

I don't get it.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

What the heck? It is a cute shirt (I thought it would be great for summer concerts for me -LOL) but what is that zipper doing there? Bizarre!

(zipper entry for your significant other's hands? LOL!)

Sara said...

LOL...good one :)

andrea said...

HAHAHA that is just weird!! Another good reason for me to never shop ;)

Diana said...

Hmmmm, that's unusual. No pockets on the inside of the shirt to hold treats?

Diana said...

I showed this shirt to my husband and told him "chris's" comment. He wanted to know where he could go buy one. LOL

Sara said...

You guys are cracking me up!

Priscilla said...

Those comments made me laugh out loud this early morning!!! What a funny good start of my Saturday morning.
Well, I hope the following words will make you feel good about the shirt.
According to my tailor friend, the zip which doesn't go right up to the armpit and doesn't go right down to the bottom is designed for people who is slightly fleshy so if the zip is open, it's easier for them to squeeze themselves in (no matter whether the head goes in or arms goes in or etc, they will get it right in the end anyway).
The zip which serves no purpose to you is because you're fit and slim :)))
*** Zip which goes right up to the armpit might cause accident that you might zip your armpit flesh in. *** (thanks to my tailor's contributions :))

Marie said...

You crack me up. That was just funny

Sara said...


My mom sent me a similar explanation. It is so good to know the REAL reason.

Zipping up your armpit skin.....ouch! Love the phrase, "slightly fleshy" :)

Thanks for clarifying this for all of us!

Diana said...

Yea, I dont believe it. I think some man designed the shirt.

Rob said...

Hi Sara, I'm no expert on ladies fashion but I once had a shirt like that which was intended for hiking in. It had a two way zipper on each side, you pulled the zips up to allow entry and exit and once on you then adjusted the ventilation by pulling the zip down however far you wanted. I'm not saying Jeff is right but he maybe on the right track.

Dawn said...

Never saw such a thing....I'm going with Chris' explanation. Most fun.

Kathy said...

cute shirt, maybe the zipper is for people who never learned how to dress and might be confused putting it on through the head or the bottom??? Maybe if you are confused and they need to buckle the seat belt under and through your shirt-say you could thread it in your arm hole then out the zipper so that it did not get wrinkled on the drive??? Surely very strange!