Tuesday, January 4, 2011

tricky t-day~ Misty's workout 2

Thanks to Ricky for giving us the idea to wedge our peanut ball in between the coffee table and couch.  I think it is giving Misty a sense of security, and some independence getting on the ball.  I still have to lift her back legs onto the ball, but she puts her fronts on quite enthusiastically.

Thanks to Marie & Kathy for suggesting the disc.  Both my dogs love it.  Misty needs to use the nubby side for some extra traction, and I make it harder for Oreo, by giving him the smooth side.  They literally fight over who gets to go first, pushing each other off the thing.  Misty wins. She didn't earn the nickname "tank" for nothing.

After my scary Misty post (sorry, I didn't realize so many of you would react so deeply to my first paragraph, I should have started with a disclaimer!), I thought Misty's fan club would enjoy seeing Misty active, sparkly, and hungry.


The music I picked for this video makes me want to teach my dogs to do the limbo.  Hmmmmm.  I think I just inspired myself.

Now that Misty has gained some strength, we will be cutting back our workouts to every other day. This will leave us  more trick training time. Hopefully next week, I'll have a new trick to show you. 


Priscilla said...

A big 'YEAH' for Misty!!! She looked terrific in the video and she was so eager and full of enthusiasm too.
You have done a good job, Sara!
With your love and care, I'm sure Misty will get better and better in no time.
Oh, I love the music you chose too. It made me want to dance too!

Diana said...

Wow, Misty really has the hang of that disk. All 4 legs on and then she can give you here paw, impressive!

Dawn said...

Look at her go! Work that peanut Misty, and you've got that disc thing down girl!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Misty is doing fantastic!!! Standing on 3 legs on that disc is not easy and she does it with no problem. Ricky loves ball work so much - he can't wait to get on and thinks it is the easiest way in the world to get food!!!

Oreo has amazing rear leg awareness, strength and movement!

betty said...

What a fun video to watch. I need whatever is in those treats to get me moving. Well done, Sara.

Kathy said...

GREAT Trick Tuesday! Love seeing Misty looking so great. She looks like she is doing fantastic, and bet the every other day routinue would be great anyway because they say with muscle building things you should only do every couple of days so the muscles have time to heal after a work out. Misty really looks like she enjoys her exeercises, and Oreo looks great too, he must be getting to be a really buff guy with all his work outs, talk about two dogs being kept fit! You get doggie personal trainer of the year award!!!

Kristine said...

How fantastic! Both Misty and Oreo are picking it up so fast, yay for brave dogs. None of these tasks are that easy when you think about it. When Shiva first tried the disk it was everything she could do to not fall on her butt.

I am glad to see them both doing so well.

Helen said...

That's really great!!! Where did you get the disc ball? Maybe I should try strengthening Tucker's legs. he hasn't climbed a log set of stairs for about a year

Sara said...

I got mine from jjpet.com, it is the fitwpaws giant disc. Clean run sells it too, but I think the price was a little higher.