Tuesday, January 25, 2011

time to smile

I am simply overwhelmed by the support and love I received from all of you yesterday.  It really helped me make it through the day. I don't think there was one moment in my day where a comment or email wasn't ringing into my inbox.

I had started making Misty's 13th birthday video a few weeks ago.  Her birthday is April 29.....she will share it with a royal wedding this year.  I can't think of a better way to honor my little Princess, than with a fairy tale wedding.  I'm sure William and Kate chose that date specifically for Misty, right?

Anyway, here is a little tribute to my girl, mostly photos from her last year, with a few oldies thrown in at the end.

Thank you everyone for your kindess and warmth.  It makes me feel good to know that Misty was loved by so many.  Sometimes, when a dog dies, you feel alone in your sadness.  Not me.

Now though, it is time to smile and wag your tails.  That's how Misty rolled.


OK, if that made you cry instead of smile, watch this oldie:



Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm smiling but still tearing up too! Your tribute video to Misty is wonderful - love all the photos, the tricks videos, the editing, and the perfect song! And the double dog teeter was great - synchronized agility at its best! Thanks for sharing these and for sharing Misty with us. More hugs to you and Oreo today!

Sam said...

Beautiful tribute! We are thinking of you today!


Priscilla said...

I'm smiling with tears rolled in my eyes but I'm smiling, Sara!
Everything is beautiful!!! A very beautiful touching tribute to beautiful Misty.
We are thinking of you all too!

egtara said...

Nice tribute to Misty. So sorry for your loss.

Rob said...

Hi Sara, I didn't watch the first video yet but the second one was funny. I'm sure it's as you suspect with regard to the timing of the wedding.

LauraK said...

Love the tributes, she really touched the hearts of so many that she hadn't even met through the blogger world. That says a lot about a dog :) Glad you're hanging in there and "wagging your tail again"- I'm sure Misty girl taught you many life lessons, and it sounds like one of them is to smile and love life all the time.

Helen said...

Sara, I loved the video you made for Misty. The song choice was perfect. I went and read Misty's story yesterday. I've wanted to get a rescue but I was always concerned I wouldn't develop as stornga bond with an older dog than I have with a puppy. I was happy to find from your story that it is possible to have that special relationship with an older dog.

I used to do double teeters with Ceilidh and Tucker. Now that Beckett does teeters so nicely I'll have to see this spring if I can get Tucker to do them with him.

Take care. Give Oreo a big squeeze.

Helen, Tucker and Beckett

Kathy said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO, and it looked happy, just like Misty!!! You did a wonderful job capturing her personality and her happy spirit! Glad to hear it sounds like you are doing ok, hurting I am sure but ok? ((hugs))

madcobug said...

You did a wonderful tribute to Misty. I did smile through the tears.
The other video of them was cute and brought a smile.

Painter Pack said...

What a wonderful video of Misty! I love the one with her in the tub, all wet! I hope Oreo is doing ok, without his big sister. We are thinking of you still...take care.

Painter Pack

Sophie said...

Just seen your other post. I'm so, so sorry to hear about Misty. I bet she's having a blast barking at invading squirrels right now.

Lovely videos; they capture her so well. We're all thinking of you here.

Diana said...

That was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for putting it together. It really made me feel better to see all the joy she brought. I hope it makes you feel the same way. I just loved the "digging allowed" sign and the picture of her sleeping in the whole by the gate. We should all learn to see the happiness in living and keep that in out hearts . Thanks for teaching me that!

Dawn said...

Can't watch these yet (still at work)because I'm afraid I'd spend more time at my desk crying. :) Will tonight..maybe...maybe in a day or two.

Am wondering how Oreo is with all this...he's known Misty his whole life...is he OK?

And you? And Jeff?

Hugs to all of you. An extra treat to Oreo.

Sigh. I'm getting to the point that I'm just glad I got to meet her. You're probably not there yet..but it's a good spot to be.

Sara said...

Oreo is doing well. Maybe a bit out of sorts, but still wanting to play, play, play. I think he knew way before I did that Misty was very ill. He backed off from teasing/taunting her a few weeks ago. He also was there when Misty was euthanized. I'm assuming he sensed her death.

Jeff & I are doing ok. Trying to remember our happy, healthy girl. It'll be rough for a few days as we adjust to her absense. But, we're so relieved she is not suffering in anyway. We gave her a gift of rest.

Diana, I'm glad you're feeling better. I could sense you were taking Misty's death quite hard. That shows me how much you care.


Kristine said...

Gorgeous video. I am crying but they are not all sad tears. I just wish I had known her through your blog longer. But I feel lucky to have known her at all.

Looking at the photo of Misty and Oreo in the video sharing the toy and then this last teeter one... Obviously they had a very close and beautiful bond.

Thank you for sharing all of this with us. You are definitely not alone.

katie said...

What a beautiful tribute! You are again an inspiration to be smiling through the sad. It has been four months since we lost Meeka and I still haven't managed to get her video done. But you showed me how healing it can be to embrace the memories. Thanks for another lesson and thanks to Misty for making us ALL smile!

Reilly / Bree said...

What a wonderful video - Misty looks so much like my Bonnie - she was a blue merle too - before Reilly. I smiled and cried at the same time.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh my goodness - I'm SO SO sorry this is so late - we've really been out of the loop with blogging friends and have only started catching up - we're devastated to hear about Misty. I've just been watching the videos and reading the stories in your previous post and am feeling very choked up now. You know how Misty always had a special place in my heart because she was always more the kind of slow, laid-back dog like Honey and I loved watching her reactions to things and learning things - she really was the sweetest girl. We shall miss her terribly.

Thinking of you from far away -

Hsin-Yi & Honey the Great Dane

Lavi said...

I read about Misty on MargeBlog... I'm really sorry that you had to set her free. I do hope in time you could get over this. She looked like a wonderful dog. That first video actually made me cry and go hug my own dog. You and Oreo take good care of each other.

Terrorzinhos said...

So sorry for your loss!
Beautiful video!

Sharon said...

Beautiful dog! Beautiful video. So sorry for your loss.

Greg S said...

I can tell she was loved so much. You will be missed dear Misty.

Lian said...

Truly beautiful, I am seriously touch and sorry I've been crying all the way. She was one Sweet Sweet girlie! RIP Misty, we will never forget you.

Freda said...

A very special video for a special dog - it had me smiling through the tears and I thought how strange to feel so close to a dog who died a whole continent away. That's the power of the internet and thanks to your lovely blog and videos. Thank you so much.

Dawn said...

I watched it without tears, only smiles. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Misty. She was beautiful and your tribute was fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I just recently started reading your blog but felt so connected to your dogs. I love all the video's you post -- they are great. I especially like this one of the see-saw and the little disclaimer at the end. It made us smile.

From, Lassiter Chase the Sheltie (and his mom)