Saturday, January 15, 2011

ridiculously cold

Boy was it cold this morning. Well below zero. Luckily, the building where they were holding league this week has good heat.

I brought Oreo's coat and was planning to leave him in the car as usual. However, when I got there I had second thoughts.  Afraid he might turn into a popsicle, I set up his crate in the crowded crating room.   I didn't want to risk an injury by not being able to warm him up.

The courses were pretty much the same for both standard and the game(jackpot). We ignored the rules for both, and did training runs.
For our first run, we did 4,13, tunnel, 7, 8, 9, 2,14. Our second run was, 5,6,7,10,3,4.

Our first run went perfectly. Oreo did all the obstacles and ran with confidence. I gave him treats two times (one a small jackpot when he had jumped past ring crew without hesitating) on course.

Our second run, Oreo really hesitated about coming out of his crate. We were one of the last dogs to run, so many people had been in the crating room packing up. There were a couple men standing by his crate having a conversation. I think that was the root of his anxiety.

However, when I brought him into the ring room, he was offering me tricks and seemed ready to go.

He went over the first jump(past a ring crew person), but didn't put one toe on the dog walk. My guess was he noticed the judge and got a bit anxious. I directed him to the tunnel (an escape for him), he took the next jump (past another ring crew person) and I jackpotted him. He did the weaves, tunnel and last jump with no problem. I treated him, then headed toward our leash and exit.

Well, Oreo had other plans. He did a 180 and took the #5 jump again. I cheered! Everyone else kindly laughed.

Oreo had gone right back to the source of his anxiety! He wanted to play some more.

Silly me is standing there holding his leash! That was a big moment for my boy.

My other proud, personal moment was how bravely he walked through the parking lot without freezing in his steps. Maybe because it was so cold out?  He also walked relatively calmly back to the death pull.

Overall, I feel as though we continue to make progress. Ring crew does not seem to be stressing him as much. We will work on desensitizing him to the judge.


Ludo van Doggy said...

I am proud too. It really sounds like he is making good progress. :D

katie said...

I am so proud of both of you! Sarah you inspire me since I get intimidated when I am around people who have expectations for me and my dogs. But the way you always pay attention to what Oreo needs first really gives me courage to stand up for what I think my pup needs. You guys are awesome!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome!!! Imagine Oreo taking that extra jump at the end on his own! He was confident and having a good time!
WooHoo! Good news!

Some time soon maybe you'll want to consider running the course as is and still stopping to treat along the way and see if Oreo is ready for the challenge? He just might surprise you!

Sara said...

You and I think alike. After our runs today, I was contemplating just that for our next league match...although I'm afraid to rock the boat!

After seeing Ricky's runs today, I have more reason to try! They do suprise us, don't they?

Marie said...

Yay for Oreo! It's so great to hear that Oreo was able to recover so nicely and feel confident enough to want to do more all on his own.

Priscilla said...

I'm so glad for you and Oreo too! It shows that Oreo is more confident and he is willing to do some extra runs. It's truly fantastic as he enjoys the runs and is having fun too!
Bravo to two of you!!!

Priscilla said...

Hi Sara, thank you so much for your kind words and advice. I especially like what your dad said, he is a wise man and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy. I hope Rosie will follow her heart and I do hope she understands and knows what her true calling is. Right now, she just has to be a good girl and get herself well-prepared for the future.
Many thanks again : )

Dawn said...

Good for Oreo! It's hard to get over being scared...he's making great strides at his own pace. He's such a special dog. Of course you get some credit too. Great job to both of you!

Kathy said...

Oreo sounds like he had a very good day, he is just coming so far and it is so cool the ring crew is not bothering him, esp with how close they usually can be, whoo hooo!

Rob said...

I like the picture, it sure does look cold the way the snow is hanging on his fur.