Friday, January 28, 2011


Misty was euthanized at our local animal emergency hospital.  Jeff was really trying to get Misty to hang on until morning, so we could bring her to our regular vet.  He wanted it to be private, with people who knew us and Misty's condition.

Jeff's fears were unjust.  The doctor at the ER could not have been kinder, gentler, or more compassionate.  She even wrapped Misty up in a blanket.  She told us words that helped us know we did the right thing, we gave Misty the ultimate gift.  Misty wouldn't have made it until morning.

Afterward, we left behind Misty's collar by mistake.  They wrapped it up tightly in pink gauze, which helped ease the pain a bit when Jeff picked it up the next day.  Nothing worse than holding an empty collar.

The doctor's kindness didn't end in the mail, along with a sympathy card, I received this:
I sobbed at first, missing that paw desperately, but I'm so glad they stamped Misty's pawprint (2 in fact).

It was evidence that Misty's body had been treated with dignity, respect, and even love.   

Thanks Dr. Gavin and all the staff at the ER.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Gosh that was very thoughtful of them. It was such a tough thing you had to do but I am so thankful that the vet and the staff there did all they could to ease your pain. They must be wonderful, caring people.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - they sound like the most lovely, thoughtful people! You were very lucky. How your pet "goes" can make all the difference to how you mourns them afterwards and how easily it is for you to "move on" - they really treated all of you with respect and genuine consideration. I just hope when the time comes for Honey, we will be as lucky to find somewhere like that.

(That paw print is a wonderful idea - maybe I'll do that now myself first!)


Nicki said...

I'm glad you had a "good" experience. It seems like Jeff loves the dogs a lot-I'm not sure Jerry would have that much concern over where our dog was euthanized. Of course, that's not an issue for us but I often still wonder how much he cares about them.

Nat said...

It sounds like you went to a great place. I've heard too many bad experiences! Awesome.

LauraK said...

I almost teared up- that card is so sweet! I'm sure you will treasure it forever and always be thankful for the wonderful people at that office :)

Helen said...

So glad you had a good experience, it does help so much.

I was able to plan when I let Ceilidh go so I went to the animal hospital where the oncologist and her vet technician helped me through Ceilidh's passing. They have a comfort room with soft couches. Ceilidh stayed on my lap and they gave us the time before and after to say our good-byes. A friend who let her Aussie go a few months before Ceilidh had a much less dignified experience with a local vet clinic (not their own).

Okay I'm in tears again. Hope you are holding up. Give Oreo another big hug.

Marie said...

They sound like a wonderful vet and staff to have found in your (and Misty's) time of need.

That card is really wonderful.

Diana said...

I cant imagine how you feel but now Im crying all over again. What a beautiful gift for you all to remember Misty.

Priscilla said...

So glad that Misty was well treated and cared when she was there. Those people sound wonderful and thoughtful.
What a special pawprint card that they made for you too! Misty lives in everybody's memory.

Ludo van Doggy said...

What a lovely thing for them to do! It does so help when the people involved are kind and understanding.

Dot Baxter said...

So sorry for your loss. They are with us such a short time and it is so hard to let them go. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to you and your family. RIP Misty and run free at the Bridge with my angels. Mom to 5 rescues and 6 angels.