Thursday, January 6, 2011

oreo hurt his leg

Oreo got a little too excited when his daddy came home this afternoon.  Not sure how, but Oreo hurt his front leg.

He was limping real bad, worse than when he hurt his back leg.  So, after icing for awhile, we took him to the vet.

During the exam, she pinpointed the problem to the top of his paw.  His shoulder was also inflamed, but she thought it was due to him holding it up in the air so much.  An x-ray confirmed it to be a soft tissue injury on his front paw.  Whew.

Oreo had a laser treatment, where he took a little nap.

The vet expects Oreo to be 100% by Monday.  We'll ice it for a few days, and try to keep him from jumping. 

Yea, that's already not going so well.

I've got some deramaxx, if I think he needs it.  She'd rather I didn't give it to him though. 

Overall, a few days rest. 

Here are links to some photos from our last trial.  Obviously, if I'm going to be running and having my photo taken, I need to wear a hat.  These photos are hysterical.  Scroll to the right after you click on the link to see them all.  I think there are 4 in each link.


LauraK said...

Uh oh! Hopefully he has a speedy recovery, and I'm glad it's nothing serious- silly boy!

I love the pics, your hair is quite comical :) I have to tie mine back and pin my bangs down- and although I look like an idiot, I'm not subconsciously putting my bangs behind my ear on course and confusing Riley. Thanks for sharing, I love the one with Oreo going through the tire!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I saw the title of this post and thought - oh no! I am so relieved to hear it is a minor injury and the vet thinks he'll be fine by Monday. Scary!

Who knew there were hair action shots! LOL! It's because Oreo is running so much faster now and your hair goes fast with him! I like the one of Oreo sailing over the double jump!

Jess and Lola said...

Poor Oreo! Only a Sheltie could injure themselves whilst trying to say hello. I get the idea Oreo hurts himself a lot with his sheer enthusiasm?

Wishing him a speedy recovery--and those are great photos, by the way! Oreo looks so happy. :)

AC said...

Oh goodness, I was having flashbacks of hydrotherapy! So glad Oreo should be better in a few days.

It's so funny how human actions shots always look goofy and our dogs look so cool. I looked at my NYC marathon pictures and got a good kick out of them. I look like I'm either going to vomit or curse the photographer in several of them...probably how I was feeling.

I wondered why pro-athlete shots look so good and then read an article about how snot, froth and spit are edited out of the pictures =)

♥ helen said...

I hope your dog will be fine again very soon. I hope you soon are out running and playing again.

Helen said...

Hope Oreo will recover quickly. Soft tissue injuries can be tricky though as the dog doesn't know to take it easy once they are feeling better.

You both looked like you were having a lot of fun at the trial even if the hair was a bit askew, LOL

Painter Pack said...

Oreo! Woo need to calm yourself! Woo making the rest of us look bad! Hope woo feel better sooooon!



Kathy said...

They got some great photos of Oreo and you with the wind in your hair, which will happen when you are running the new speedy Mr. Oreo. So glad it sounds like it will not be a long term thing with Oreo, isnt that laser fantastic, that is what we have been using on Breezes back, just wish we could bring it home and do it ourselves. Take care of Oreo and tell him his auntie from CA says No jumping this weekend, LOL.

Abby and Aiden said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery and are back in action soon!

Priscilla said...

OH NO!!! Oh, Oreo!!! I really hope the pain goes away soon and the laser thing helps! It sounds like he will be fine soon but in the meantime, make sure he doesn't do anymore of his jumping tricks!!

And the photos look great :)

Diana said...

So sorry about Oreo. I hope it's a quick recovery.

I probably wouldn't have noticed your hair if you didn't say anything, but since you did.... lol I really like the very last one. Maybe they can Photoshop a better hair flowing moment over it. LoL

Dawn said...

The hair is great! How could you even see? Hope Oreo is all better soon. Silly boy.

Jules said...

Phew! Glad to hear Oreo should be feeling better by Monday. My stomach dropped when I read he hurt himself!

Kathy said...

How is Oreo doing today? Hope he is being a good boy and feeling ok!

Sara said...

Oreo is still limping a bit, but not holding his leg up as much.

Being "good"...well.....he's trying.

Rob said...

Hi Sara, I'm sorry to hear about poor Oreo, I hope he is better soon, it's hard to imagine him sitting with his feet up all weekend though.

Patti and DeBoys said...

We too were worried to read the whole post after reading the gave us a scare...but now are relieved to hear Oreo is ok.